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Making Money While Pursuing Your Acting and Modeling Career

May 21, 2017 0 Comments


Traditionally, most people think you can only work in a restaurant when you try to become an actor and model

Most people only think of waitressing while pursuing their career as an actor and model, but there are a lot more survival job options out there!

Becoming an actor and/or model is hard. Supporting yourself while you pursue your dreams of becoming an actor and/or model is even tougher. In this blog, I’ll share how you can find survival jobs so you can earn money for living expenses while you are auditioning and attending go-sees.


Over my 30+ year career as a full-time actor and model, I have met countless actors and models who decided to move to either Los Angeles or New York to pursue their dreams. They wanted to break into the acting and modeling’s biggest markets, and I applaud each and every person who has made this move. It takes courage and self-confidence to pursue your dreams. Anyone who has ever followed their dreams has ‘won’ in my book.

With that being said, most of these aspiring actors and models have the following approach:

  • Quit their current job
  • Relocate to Los Angeles or New York and find a new place to live
  • Find a manager and an agent
  • Start auditioning

These are great thoughts, and I know everyone’s intentions are pure, but I want to make sure aspiring actors and models understand the reality: moving to these major markets won’t be easy. And when you do move, it can often take longer than expected to start making things happen.  In these major markets, it can easily be 6 months or longer to find representation.

So now you are in a new, expensive city, you have spent most if not all of your savings, and you aren’t making the money you need to make to pay all of your bills and basic living expenses. All of a sudden you find yourself spending more time trying to survive instead of dedicating your time trying to achieve your dreams. Does that mean it is time to give up? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

In reality, when some people get to this point, they pack up and return home. It always crushes my heart to hear these stories. Making it in L.A. and N.Y. is very possible, and I just wish at some point I could have helped prepare these actors and models for the reality they were going to face. If you take the time to prepare, succeeding in Hollywood and New York is possible, you just need to right game-plan. 

To help aspiring actors and models out, I created a video that will teach you how to find survival jobs so you can earn a living by using your acting skills while pursuing your dreams.

And these survival jobs aren’t just restaurant or bartending jobs, even though they do often provide the flexibility you need to audition for roles. The jobs I talk about in this video are flexible and mostly keep you connected to the acting and modeling industry. The best part about these jobs is that they aren’t just based in L.A. or N.Y. so if you haven’t made the commitment to move to those big markets, you can still find them in your local area.

Since I originally created this video, I’ve added another survival job idea to my list: ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. While you do need a car for this job, you can set your hours, which is great when last-minute auditions and go-sees come up.

Ride sharing companies will let you set your own hours so you can attend auditions, even if they come up at the last minute

More about this Survival Jobs Video:

In this video you will learn what types of survival jobs work best for actors and models:

  • How to find the perfect job that fits your skill set and schedule
  • How to eliminate the types of jobs that will prevent you from following your dreams
  • Find survival jobs no matter where you live
  • How to work on a part-time basis and cover your expenses
  • Be free to do what you want to be doing

Bonuses (these must have bonuses are worth the entire investment of the video!)

  • Watch the video and see the bonuses whenever you want, 24/7
  • Receive a list of 37 great part-time jobs that are perfect for actors and models
  • Get a list of 80 websites to help you find these jobs
  • Receive the entire PowerPoint that was used during the workshop

Order the Video Now

To order your video and receive the bonus materials, use this link:

About the Author:

Aaron Marcus has been a full-time actor and commercial model for over 30 years.

His new book, How to Become a Successful Actor and Model is an Amazon Best Seller.

Aaron has given his seminar: “Book the Job” over 600 times spanning 3 continents.

He also offers online workshops.

Aaron saves 5 days each month to give private on-line coaching sessions.

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