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Aaron’s book How to Become a Successful Actor and Model 

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“This book “How to Become a Successful Actor and Model by Aaron Marcus should be a MUST read for anyone who is thinking about getting in the business or feel that they are getting over looked or their career is at a stand still!

I have read this book and I am recommending it to ALL my Talent. I even use the book now as a guide line when I am talking to the new talent that we bring on at Carolina Talent. The insights that Aaron gives to talent on just about every aspect of the business come from his 30 years of being a successful Actor and Model himself. I can not think of a better book to recommend to talent at all levels of the industry.”
Marc S Soper – Agency Director – Carolina Talent Inc.

“This ‘cookbook’ for acting and modeling will teach you everything you need to know to get started, find agents, create effective head shots and commercial photos that can get you work, learn auditioning techniques and book more jobs. It is the most complete and informative book available.”
Jane Blum – President FunnyFace Today, Inc. (FFT) – N.Y.

“Aaron Marcus has created an important book that offers essential and practical information that he has learned from being a successful actor and commercial model for decades.
This should be required reading for anyone aspiring to succeed in the acting and modeling field.”
Paul Weber – CSA WGA- -Former Executive Head of TV Casting and Feature Film Consultant for MGM Studios

“While reading this book I felt like I had a good friend was showing me all the ropes. I think that the secrete to pursuing any career is being well prepared and willing to put in the time and effort. This book helps you to think smart and spend your valuable time and energy productively.

Many people learned by trial and error.  This book in itself is a gift of knowledge because it will help you to tremendously cut down on some of the unnecessary mistakes made and time spent and you will save a lot of money.”
Eve Robinson – NY

“Highly recommend! I read the other reviews and agree… The author gives all the nuts and bolts of getting into this industry. Perfect for someone who has no acting or modeling experience, and I suspect very useful for a seasoned professional too. Its very user friendly- if you are curious or just want to give modeling a go, this book gives you a step by step plan of what you need to do and how to do it. And even if you are not starting from square one like me, there is so much information-Industry tips for all kinds of situations. Easy read, good info, good explanatory pictures. I haven’t had a chance to do one of his workshops yet, but am planning to- anyone else done that? Easy read, good photos, good info. I’m gonna try his tips out…”

Cheryl Onopchenko – CA


“Ever thought you could be a model or an actor? This is a book you need. It breaks down each aspect of the careers and gives valuable information. There are many things I’m sure you haven’t thought of that part of each career. Take the time to absorb this wonderful information.

This book is easy to understand and follow. It explains being prepared is key. I found it well written and gives information you really should have to begin in these fields. I’m sure you thought, as I did, it’s all about luck. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In this handbook, you learn how to make yourself marketable.”

I found no issues. I gave this book 5 cheers out of 5 because it’s valuable handbook.
Melanie Adkins,  Book Reviewer

Rare Gem – Must Read!!!

There are numerous books that profess to help you become the actor or model of your dreams. How to Become a Successful Actor and Model, by Aaron Marcus, is a rare gem! Aaron utilizes his extensive knowledge of the industry to ensure you are equipped with everything that you need to get started. His step-by-step guide provides all of the tools that you need to help turn your dreams into reality. This book is a must-read for all new or aspiring actors and models!
Jeff Moore – VA

You’ve already seen Aaron Marcus in a print ad or TV commercial somewhere — he’s done over 1,200 acting and modeling jobs. His comprehensive guide to acting and modeling is all about tactics, not technique. It won’t teach you how to act, but it may help you book jobs as an actor or model. Aaron focuses on the nuts and bolts. Practical, real-world advice. What works. What doesn’t. What the first steps are. What the tenth steps are. I highly recommend this guide to anyone who wants to give acting and modeling a whirl.
Steve Altes – L.A.

I always wanted to act and model but had no idea how to begin until I read How to Become a Successful Actor and Model. This book changed my life. I learned the best way to get started, create strong photos, a resume, find agents, prepare before my auditions, memorize scripts and even get work on my own. I now have 3 agents and already booked 9 TV commercials and modeling jobs. I never could have done this without Aaron’s book
Nicky Tamberrino – MD

Aaron Marcus’ book is a must read for models of all ages.I read Aaron’s last book and was not disappointed with his most recent book of knowledge. If you are just getting started, or have been modeling for some time, this book is chock full of important information. He is a wealth of information and we’re lucky that he has shared his knowledge with us, again. As an actor and commercial model myself, I definitely recommend this book to all!
Ronald P. Bush – Atlanta

I cannot begin to thank Aaron enough for the invaluable knowledge and insights he provides in his book.  After using his suggestions and ideas, I have booked many jobs including: Lowe’s Home Improvement, US Army, Air Force Civilian Service, Next Day Blinds and many more.
I can’t recommend this book enough.”
Nic Detorie Actor/Commercial Model ● MD

“I’m new to the game. At the age 25 I decided to go for my dream to become a model and actor.  I actually went to Aaron’s acting workshops where he helped me get my feet on the ground and learn the basics. I felt more confident and excited after working with him and I ended up booking jobs consistently for the last 2 months.

But, I wanted more. I wanted to peruse more acting than modeling and I didn’t know if I was doing something wrong or if there was more I should be doing, I felt stuck. So, I read Aaron’s book and I am so happy I did!  Not only is it super helpful but it’s actually really interesting to read. He’s done so much in the industry so he knows the ins and outs which he shares with you in this book.

I highly suggest reading this book if modeling or acting is your passion because I firmly believe it will help you get where you want to go! Thank you Aaron!”
Stephanie Godio/Commercial Model/Actor ● PA

“Do you feel you could be a model/actor? If so, learning about the modeling and acting industry is a must! By purchasing this book, it gives you all the updated information you need in order to succeed. I’ve been modeling for quite some time now but acting has been a whole new experience for me. I attended Aaron’s workshops this past August and in just 3 weeks I noticed a difference; my self esteem rose and I felt more confident not only as an actress but as a woman. His classes helped me break out of my shell and help me understand the very basics of what is needed to get your business started. In this book, it gives you the proper tools as how to prepare an acting resume, composite sheet, and how to create an eye catching headshot! It also gives you tips on finding a good agent, how to get extra work, what to do when you get an audition, and it even gives you the basics on what you may need when it comes to makeup.

This book has much more inside than what I stated and I’m currently on the last two chapters of reading through it. This is a very good resource to have and you can take it anywhere! I’m very pleased with this purchase; invest in yourself so others can invest in you!
Heidi Guldin ● PA

“While I have been to countless go-sees and a few print bookings, I had not yet found a seminar (or book) with such a positive ‘take’ on the whole commercial modeling experience. Sure makes me want to give it all a try again!”
Broadway Actor – Tony Chiroldes – NY

“As a newcomer to commercial modeling I felt it made more sense to pick the brains of an industry veteran before attempting to navigate the vast and somewhat confusing waters of the commercial modeling industry. I started by reading Aaron’s book How to Become a Successful Commercial Model. I highly recommend the book not only as a good starting point but also as a quick reference guide during the beginning stages of a successful commercial modeling career.
I also booked a private coaching session with Aaron because I wanted to get first-hand advice on starting my career, specifically in NYC. The session proved to be incredibly useful and informative. Aaron recommended NYC photographers, agents and acting classes. This information alone has saved me hours in research and has prevented costly mistakes such as booking a photo session with the wrong type of photographer. Additionally, Aaron was able to answer all my questions and provide valuable resources for further training within the industry.
Thanks to Aaron, I now feel confident and able to begin my career as a commercial model.”
Rebecca Jones • NY

“This ‘cookbook’ for commercial modeling will teach you everything you need to know to get started, find agents and photographers, create photos that can get you work and book jobs on your own. It is the most complete and informative commercial modeling book available.”
Ted Baker , Host of the Ted Baker Show WHMP• MA

“I think How to Become a Successful Actor and Model is one of the best and most complete books on pursuing a career field that I have ever seen.”
Judy Kerr • Author of “Acting is Everything”

The best investment I ever made was going to your seminar and buying your book….  I took all that knowledge and ran with it… I wouldn’t be where I am today without it…  Your book is a gold mine full of everything one needs to get started and succeed in the modeling and acting industry.. I still refer to the book… I have been passing on your web site to others who have asked me how I got started in the commercial modeling and acting industry…  People are very surprised how far I have come at my age…  Your the best Aaron….
Eddie DeMars – MA

“The models I hire over and over again are the ones who know how to give me a wide range of looks, expressions, project the appropriate feelings on demand, and know exactly what to do on the set. I have never seen a book that gives such insights, behind the scenes and practical information, and written in such an honest way, with integrity and passion. Give yourself your greatest chance for success. Read this book.”
Ozzie Mansour, Ozzie Mansour Photography Toronto\New York

“Reading your book took the mystery out of the process of becoming a commercial model by eliminating years of trial and error. The information I learned from your book helped me book jobs for a local bank, Vanity Fair, Howard Johnsons’ and The Home Shopping Network job.”
Adrienne Wright • PA

“One of the best ways to get signed with an agent is to create a great composite sheet. This book will give you that information, and everything else you need to know to succeed as a commercial model. The author is one of the most experienced and talented commercial models working today.”
Arthur Bronfin, McDonald\Richards Model Management, Inc. • New York

“I believe that Aaron’s book is absolutely the best teaching aid I’ve ever used! It has everything anyone needs to know, from background information on commercial modeling, getting into the business, preparing for shoots….right down to the nuts and bolts of billing and agency representation. Best of all, I like the sample photos and composites. Thank you, Aaron!!”
Rob Spoor Modeling/Talent Coach • San Francisco

“Through his years of experience and success as a commercial model, actor, lecturer, and author, Aaron Marcus has created the most comprehensive and definitive book on commercial modeling. This book should be required reading for anyone aspiring to succeed in the commercial field!”
Steve Deck, Owner, International Modeling Network • Los Angeles

“I purchased and read your book, How to Become a Successful Commercial Model a few months ago. Literally within the last week I decided to put myself “out there” and the response in 7 days has been UNBELIEVABLE. I’ve gotten 3 casting calls, 1 print job, booked as a promotional model, and already have two modeling agencies requesting me as new talent. Plus, there are at least 3 jobs pending. I’m very excited of course, I had no idea I was this marketable.

Your book has helped me feel much more comfortable and confident about the various processes. At my first casting call (although I was still a little nervous) I knew what to bring with me and had a good idea of what to expect. Oh, and the best part, I got the job. Thank you for putting in the time to write and publish this book! It’s helped me so much already and I’m just getting started”!
Sarah Walls • VA

“After using the information from your book I got cast in two print jobs. One for the U.S. Army, and one for Target Department Stores. Thanks so much for writing this great book.”
Michael Velo • Chicago

“I had no idea how to go about getting into the modeling business, so I purchased How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, and read it cover to cover the first day. It covered every question I could think of and then some. It definitely paid for itself! I have since signed with a modeling agency and booked a few jobs on my own. I even learned how to create my portfolio with quality photos without paying a dime.”
Janina Ward • Arizona

“I greatly appreciated your class and how open you were to answering questions.  I left with a lot of good advice (When to go SAG, how to know when I’m ready to move out of state, how to network, voice over work, etc.)  I really appreciated the class a lot. I feel more confident now with approaching auditions and especially how to build a print modeling portfolio as that was something I was really looking to do.  I am hoping to get started on that soon”

Cori Dioquino • Maryland

“I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your book “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model” and to thank you for a truly inspiring, insightful, resourceful and encouraging read! It has guided me in the right direction and I now look forward to working as a commercial print model!”

Thank you again.

Debra Ann Monsolino• New York

“I just wanted to say thank you. After reading your book I applied its marketing techniques of obtaining the Red Book and contacting local advertising agencies as well as those who target the African American community. Also, I obtained a list of local producers and commercial photographers from MD to PA. As a result, in the past 6 months, I have booked several jobs. The most recent being a USPS commercial that I will be shooting over the next 2 weeks.Just wanted to say Thank you and I appreciate all that you do to help fellow actors and models.”

Engelia P. McCullough• Maryland

“Your book is filled with wonderful information. I used the techniques you suggested and just booked a job for McDonalds. Thank you so much.”
Silviu Gansca -Actor/ Model • New York

“I just wanted to tell you how helpful your book has been. NOTHING prepared me for my auditions like your book! It was an INVALUABLE resource to me. There is no fluff in your book. Only what you absolutely NEED to give your audition your BEST SHOT. I walked into my first audition feeling like it was my 20th. Thank you for providing a real and practical resource to aspiring actors and actresses! By the way, I just booked my first print job in Atlanta”

Ken Hartley • TN

“Your book helped me prepare for my latest go-see, and the hints that you outlined were extremely helpful. And the best part is I booked the job and will be seen in an ad for the American Cancer Society. Being informed definitely gave me an advantage.”
Joe Kozak • MD

“I booked a job shortly after reading your book. It was my first and I was able to present a professional appearance since I knew the vocabulary and what was expected of me. Thank you.”
Lee McKenna – Model • VA

“I am an aspiring commercial model/actress who had a lot of questions. Thankfully, all my questions were answered by simply reading Aaron’s book. He discusses every thing from taking a great head shot to finding a legitimate agent. Luckily, Aaron has decided to share his experience and knowledge with us in the pages of his book. Honestly, I feel that I am one step closer to making my dream a reality. Aaron’s book is the TOOL that should always be used to getting started in this business. ”
Ashley Martin • MA

“This book is a great resource for aspiring commercial models. It is laid out in simple terms with detailed step by step instructions to get you through the processes of putting together a composite sheet, finding an agent and photographers, and even finding work on your own.

If you believe (like most people do) that you have to be 5’11” tall and a size 2 to work in the modeling field, you will soon see you are wrong. Most of the modeling going on in the advertising world today is done by commercial models, like Aaron Marcus. Here is a unique opportunity to take advice from someone who has worked in the industry and can point you in the direction of real success.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop. I really feel like I got real life, down to earth information. I have read many books, but they don’t always give that personal information that is so valuable. I really admire you for caring about me, the beginner. It is so important that I do things correctly. I didn’t even know what a “go-see” meant.

I am so grateful for your help. Your seminar was wonderful. I will definitely recommend it to others.
Twila Ilgenfritz • VA

“You Must Have This Book! Aaron Marcus is a genius! I wish we would have found this book five months ago, when we first decided to go into modeling. I am so glad we got the book before my son’s next photo shoot. It told us what to bring (we thought they would supply everything) to the shoot. This book also tells you how to get an agent, what to do at go-sees, and what not to do. IT IS GREAT!!! Aaron Marcus gets down to every detail, I am so glad we found this book, because it has really helped my son in is new found career and will continue to help us as he goes further. Thanks so much for writing it!”
Cindy Dacus • VA

“If you buy this book, you are laying the groundwork for a successful career. I recommend skimming over it once, then going through it with a highlighter and pen to put in notes and highlight terms and things you want to remember. It is an invaluable resource for those of us in the commercial modeling field.”
Kinsley Larson • GA

“My daughter (who is twelve) and I attended your workshop in Tallahassee this weekend. I just want to take the time to let you know that your information was informative, interesting, and it was entertaining. I appreciated the relaxing format and the way you allowed the audience to interact with such ease. I would especially like to thank you for your closing comments and advice. I think too often we the parents as well as the kids aspiring to be models, actors or actresses can get carried away with it all. Our kids may put too much pressure on themselves as do some of the parents. Thanks for reminding us all to enjoy the experiences and letting it be okay to pursue other interests if our children find this industry is not in their best interests.

It is so important that we all stay grounded. So thank you again for your perfect words of wisdom and I look forward to reading the information in your book and newsletters.”
Amy Chown • FL

“I have now read this book 5 times in the last 10 days! I have never been more excited and enthused about this industry since I can remember. Although I have done a number of commercials, and some print work, I have missed out on jobs that I should have booked. I now feel after reading this book, I will be much more effective at my auditions and marketing my portfolio. Whether you are just beginning, or a 20 year veteran, this book is a must read for commercial actors and print models!”
Steve Swanson Actor/Print Model• MI

“Aaron Marcus knows the ropes and has a much more rare commodity, he is willing to share his knowledge of a complex, competitive and challenging industry. Read “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model” and learn how to from a pro who really does know.” Debby Lynn• PA

“How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is an Amazing Book! If you want to be a model you must get this book! I am a model and when I read this book, I was blown away! There was lots of information in there that I never knew. Aaron Marcus tells it like it is and fills you in on things you didn’t know! A must have book for models and even managers of models!! Thanks Aaron!”
Andrea Glanton • Chicago

“I booked my first job on my own. I was thrilled! But when I read the contract, I knew from reading your book that the terms were wrong. My agent, my teacher, and the producer were all telling me to “just do it,” but I had a bad feeling about it. How to Become a Successful Commercial Modelwas the only objective, authoritative source I could turn to when everyone had their own agenda. The information I gathered from your book gave me the courage to stand up for myself and negotiate for the terms I knew I deserved. I would have sabotaged my career if it weren’t for Mr. Marcus.”
Name withheld upon request • NY

“Recently, I attended the Aaron Marcus Acting/Modeling workshop. Even though I have had some experience as an extra in movies and TV, I was able to walk away with valuable information to help me pursue my interest in commercial work. I really enjoyed Aaron’s honest, down to earth, and humorous approach in presenting the information to a very heterogeneous group of individuals. I particularly enjoyed learning about special techniques to use during a shoot. His expertise and obvious integrity not only validated my interest in the field, but made me realize that I really am capable of having a successful career in commercial modeling.”
Dale Elaine Rauch • VA

“Everything done by Aaron Marcus is genuinely helpful. As a mother of an aspiring actress and model, the book is a wonderful place to start getting information. It is informative and easy to read (especially when time is limited). I also think it is a good book for young people to read, because it is truthful without being discouraging. I have and will continue to recommend the book to others. I am convinced that Aaron Marcus really is interested in helping people to succeed.”
Page Roberts • VA

“Your tips, information and experiences will definitely help smooth out some of the bumps in the road. You’re an awesome human being. Thanks so much for sharing your seminar with us.”
Pat Gleeson • PA

“I absolutely loved “The Tear Sheet” news letter! Not only did you do a remarkable job on it, it was amazingly informative! Thank you so much!”
Rachel Turk • MD

“I wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your book. It’s provided me with invaluable information on how to get started in Commercial Modeling and I love the single page at the back of the book that lays out the next steps I need to follow. I’m pursuing acting classes and finding a good commercial photographer–using the website reference you provided in the book. I also so appreciated the time you took with our group –you gave us our own private seminar and real insight into what we needed to do.”
Taylor Trent • CA

“I wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable day. This is VERY new to me, you did a great job informing us of what to expect and how the industry works. You are very “high energy” and there was never a dull moment! You definitely found your calling in modeling, teaching and performing! The class was very beneficial. I took lots of notes that day and spent the evening going over them and still hearing your stories in my head. It was a tremendous day and I thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with me.”
Jackie Johnson • GA

“Getting started is almost impossible especially when you don’t know which doors to knock on and which ones not to. I wish you continued success and thank you again for the invaluable information you shared. The handouts alone were worth the cost of the workshop.”
Henry Joe Tyler • MD

“I just wanted to thank you for all of the information you shared with us today in New Orleans.
You have wonderful energy and it is easy to see why you have had so much success. My daughter’s primary focus is on fashion, but the wealth of information will help her in all aspects of her career. Again thank you very much for your time and energy.”
Theresa Leuschner • LA

“I recently took your workshop in Atlanta. Aaron, you are a gift to the industry”
Crisla Miller • GA

“My daughter, Brittany, and I were delighted to meet you on Saturday! Wow, the seminar was extremely informative. I was there to support my daughter’s interest in commercial acting and modeling. It was well worth the money and time! Since my daughter is just beginning this process, I feel like we now, at least, have an idea of where to begin. The speakers were wonderful! It was a great opportunity to hear from people who are actually in the business from different parts. I must admit, I do feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the information but it’s a great comfort to know that if we have any questions or concerns, that my daughter and I have you and the others to whom we can turn to and trust!

Thank you, Aaron, so much for this opportunity; I would strongly recommend your workshop to anyone interested in commercial acting and modeling especially if you’re just getting started. It was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with excellent information!”
Lori Paulson • MD

“Your insight and experience was great to hear about. I loved your presentation. Your warm and friendly personality made everyone feel right at home. I’m so glad you came to Baltimore, and was truly inspired by this workshop. Thanks for everything!”
Monica Bozman • MD

“The workshop we attended held by Aaron Marcus was very informative. He kept things interesting and talked about a lot of detail you won’t easily hear anywhere else. I would like to thank Aaron for such a great workshop, for expanding my knowledge about the industry and for all of his helpful tips. I would highly recommend attending one of Aaron’s great workshops. I would like to thank you again for such a great workshop.”
Angela Spencer •OH

“How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is a valuable resource for models at all stages of their careers. It gives aspiring models valuable advice on breaking into the business and the realities of the job. It also gives working models fresh insight on how to grow professionally and expand their careers.

I’ve been a commercial print model for five years. I took Mr. Marcus’ advice on self promotion. I really appreciated those tips because it was something I had never considered before. But since I started marketing and promoting myself, I’ve seen doors open in ways I never imagined.”
Kalei Beamon • Chicago

“My sister and I very much enjoyed being at your workshop also. We gained an invaluable amount of information from everyone. We had the opportunity to listen and learn from people who hold a variety of positions in this industry and we found it helpful to have a period of Q & A after each guest speaker. And even though the class was 6 hours it just didn’t seem like it was long enough. You and your associates are very knowledgeable and you don’t know how much we appreciate all of you taking the time to share your experience with us! In addition to meeting you and your speakers we also had the opportunity to meet and talk with other people who were taking your workshop. It was exciting to talk with others who were just starting out or were in various stages of working in and outside the area. What a great experience! Thanks so much for your time and efforts in putting together this workshop!”
Janet and Shirley Shock • MD

“It is my pleasure to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop, and how beneficial I felt it to be. Although I have done quite a lot of acting, and some directing over the years, I am ready to get back into the acting world. I found your workshop to be exactly what I needed to bring me up to date on what is happening in the acting and commercial world at present. I will definitely use all that I learned in those few hours to change my headshots, and renew my marketing strategies.

Yourself, as well as the other presenters were thorough, well spoken, and very knowledgeable about your individual topics. Thank you so much for the relaxed atmosphere you created, which was very conducive to learning and sharing among all of the participants. I am really looking forward to being a recipient of your vast storehouse of knowledge in the very near feature.”
Martha LeeAnna Saunders • MD

“Thank you so much for inviting me to attend your acting and commercial modeling workshop in Atlanta. The information you provided us with was both interesting, and invaluable to those of us just getting started in their careers.

Your guest speakers also gave us important information on what “you need to know” pertaining to their industries and expectations. The workshop also provided us with the opportunity to socialize with other attendants that were both experienced, and in-experienced (like us) in this business, and we were delighted to walk away with a fun-filled day of information and knowledge, that will only lead us to future successes in the acting and commercial modeling industry.

The book you wrote, How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, is a “keeper”. It is full of important information newcomers like us need to know. It’s a bible of acting and modeling do’s and don’ts, how to’s and how not’s.

We had a wonderful time Aaron, your a delightful person, and “Star” in your own right. We made many new friends during your boot camp, and look forward to seeing you again, be it on television or in person, very soon!”
Debi Griffin • GA

“I found Aaron’s book to tell it like it is. He not only gives insight to the industry via his own experience, he provides what has worked and what hasn’t. He shows you how to go straight to your destination without all the ‘over the river and through the woods’ malarkey. He provides hope, encouragement and just as importantly, data on who to speak with, where to find them and how to go about it. This book is your best investment if you are in any way considering this industry. Not only do you conclude the book feeling informed, you feel a sense of relief and hope because this industry can be like walking through the forest on a cold dark and foggy night. Aaron’s book is like a shining light in that forest. This book is not your destination, it’s not your solution, but it carries answers on top of answers to the questions you rarely feel you get during the process.

If you get the chance to visit his website,, and you will find incredible information there. You will also find yourself grounded in an industry full of unknowns without the fear of what to expect. I recommend the book and I suggest his website, but more importantly, I also encourage you attend at least one live seminar.”
Lisa Ward •LA

“I found this book very informative and useful. I especially like tip about castings and relating your life experiences and activities to any questions you may be asked on an audition.”
Anne Romano • MA

“My teenage daughter is new to modeling and has worked very hard at launching her career over the past 18 months. We have read every book under the sun and “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model” by Aaron Marcus is by FAR the most informative and comprehensive nuts and bolts book out there. This book is worth every penny!!!

After reading this book we discovered many small and big changes we could and should make to further her career. We are so thankful that Mr. Marcus is doing his part to make the modeling community more supportive of the next guy (or gal). He’s terrific!!”
Cami Thibeault • NH

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar. I came out of the workshop with so much useful information. The next day, when I was exercising with my sister, I shared just SOME of what I learned. An hour and a half later, I don’t know which got a better workout–my legs or my jaw!!!

“Aaron Marcus’ book, How To Become A Successful Commercial Model, is a fantastic guide for anyone looking to enter this field with all the tools and knowledge necessary to compete. From acquiring the best-looking headshots and resumes to finding a reputable agent, you will find straightforward answers to many of the questions you have about the world of acting and commercial modeling. The book offers extremely helpful examples of actual composite sheets. And, you get the benefits of Aaron’s own experience within the industry, in which he has clearly had a great deal of success. Since buying the book, I have started attending go-sees for commercial modeling jobs. The book has become such a valuable reference, I can’t imagine trying to work in this industry without it.”
Erin King • NJ

“The seminar was fabulous and so were you. Thank you so much for all your help and information.”
Rita Manguso•- FL

“How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is skillfully and creatively written, and easy to understand. It puts all the pieces of the puzzle together so that an individual can have the necessary information and facts needed to pursue a commercial modeling career.

Chock full of details, the book and directory lists agencies that give reasonable rates for the reproduction of composite sheets, head shots, and postcards. It also includes a glossary of terms, as well. The book also includes samples of the many ads in which you have appeared. Your publication greatly helps eliminate all the confusion and guesswork connected with pursuing commercial modeling.

Again, I wholeheartedly recommend this ”bible of commercial modeling.” By studying this book, one can take advantage of your extensive and impressive experience. Thank you for the education.”
Wyatt O’Brian Evans/Writer, Actor • MD

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop yesterday and thank you for your comments on my head shot. I feel I learned a lot and I thought you presented everything so well! It’s wonderful to hear about real experiences from a “real” person instead of just reading about them. It really brings things to life!

You’re right‑‑‑I woke up early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep because my head was swimming with all of the information that you gave out! Thank you so much.”
Beth Whistler• VA

“I would like to thank you for writing a very resourceful and no nonsense book! This book will help people achieve their level of success. Removing the road blocks and presenting a path of fulfillment, accomplishment and let us not forge to mention the fun. How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is truly the “Bible” for commercial modeling!!!”
Brendalee Isbil •VA

Private Online Coaching

I recently met with Aaron and must say he was the most helpful person I’ve worked with in a while. He was AMAZINGLY professional and very generous with his knowledge and time. I’m new to the area and feel confident about the direction to go in after my session with him. I highly recommend his seminar or a private meeting. Great teacher.
Lauren Bell Cox – MD

“After having a private one on one coaching session with Aaron Marcus, so many questions I had previously had been answered. Whether it be what to do for the ideal headshot or how to make sure your resume’s up to par, it was all very helpful. Not to mention, the session really helped with figuring out what gap in the commercial modeling market I fell into and how to pursue it. But most of all, the explanation that commercial modeling can be a great help towards an acting career was quite likely the most helpful thing I learned. It’s so nice to now have a better grasp as to best approach my hopeful career from here on. Adrian Nobert – OH

“My boys have always been “scared” by longer scripts. After I had them watch your video on memorizing lines – they are doing great with implementing your idea. They are doing great even though they only have one day to learn their 10+ pages of lines. (*They use to freak if I asked them to memorize a one paragraph monologue.)

Heather Gustafson – Malaysia

“Thank you so much for the session on Saturday! It was incredibly helpful, and I appreciate you taking the time to go through every detail about this industry w/me. You answered questions I had and didn’t even know I had and have no doubt this will help me while pursuing this route.

If anyone else is trying to figure out how to get into this industry but unsure of what your next steps are, Aaron Marcus’ session is a great starting point & is worth taking! I feel better prepared as to what I should expect and what I need to work on.
Caroline Batson – TX

“Aaron’s two hour session is an excellent way for an actor with or without alot of acting experience to gain a variety of advantages. This is due to a laundry list of information that Aaron will provide. I haven’t had a lot of acting jobs so far but I have some unique talents to offer the industry. Aaron was easily able to provide me with a long list of ideas to guide me. He answered a variety of questions that I had which helped me stop guessing! I received some much needed personal guidance on my acting resume and headshots, casting directors, auditions and the list goes on. Invaluable!

Aaron is very caring, gracious and modest. His one on one session is going to greatly enhance my acting career. I highly recommend actors of all levels to do a one on one session with Aaron to discuss their particular interests!Thank you Aaron for your assistance even beyond your classes and one on one session!”
Billy Green – MD

“Aaron has been key in helping me understand the business aspects of the acting and model industry. With his tips and instruction, I feel better prepared to market myself as an actor to casting directors. This is information that, in all my years of training, I haven’t received anywhere else. He is approachable, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with! If you’re serious about starting your career, Aaron will show you how to put yourself in the best position to book jobs.”
Shannon Kelly NY

“Just wanted to thank you for all your help and great advice. We learned so much from you and used your tips for the monologue, cold read and two person scene. Alexandra got 5 call backs! She is very happy!” Karol Giannantonio • PA

“Aaron, I want to thank you for our session yesterday. It was such a pleasure talking to you and learning all the necessary info from you. I really appreciate you spending extra time to make sure that everything I needed was discussed and explained in the session. Also, thank you for the follow up email with the session summary as well as some useful tips. I am looking forward to working with you again in the near future. Meanwhile, I will be practicing my homework :). Thank you again :).”
Elena Rassolova NY

“My experience with 1-on-1 training with Aaron Marcus has been enlightening, insightful, truthful, and helpful. After doing a Skype seminar with him, I realized just how helpful Aaron is willing to be for people in the pursuit of an acting or commercial modeling career. He understands the level of intensity, hard work, motivation, and thick skin that people need to have in this industry. He really helped me learn a lot about the industry and about myself. Thanks Aaron! Looking forward to working with you again.”
Rachel Jenack NY

I really enjoyed all of our conversation online, the other day. Thanks for all the useful information you gave me. Many people who are trying to make it big, must take your workshops. I am looking forward to reading your book. Cheers!
Rola Mahmoud Nyfa ● Dubai

Aaron, thank you so much for your one-on-one coaching session. Your knowledge of this industry is invaluable. With your guidance, the plan we are preparing for Jennette’s Senior year at Towson University and breaking into the acting world is now underway. We are revising her resume and working on new head shots. Jennette is researching for comp card ideas, hopefully we will have some for you to review. Thank you again for being such a Blessing and sharing your knowledge.
Joanne Nelligan ● MD

My private session with Aaron Marcus was very professional, personalized, informative, yet easygoing. He answered any and all questions I had for him. Aaron also fine-tuned my resume, gave feedback on my current headshot, provided suggestions on what to change for the next photo shoot, and offered advice on building a strong composite sheet.  You can be assured that Aaron Marcus is looking out for your success and well being when he is more concerned about relaying all information as opposed to being strict on time. Thank you so much, Aaron; your information was extremely helpful and much appreciated! It was a pleasure working with you! Thank you, again!
Sharayah Diane ● TX

During our session with Aaron, my daughter and I greatly added to the knowledge base we have regarding the film and commercial modeling industry.  Aaron had many suggestions and a lot of creative ideas for us to use as we develop my daughter’s marketing agenda.  He outlined what he would cover at the beginning of the session and had covered all the topics by the end.  He did not let “a certain amount of time” be the only criteria for accomplishing this goal.  Rather he made sure that we understood what we discussed and always welcomed our questions.  In short, I feel the time we spent with Aaron was well worth the money I paid and the information we received.
Felicia and Bridget Cain  ● OH

I am just beginning my career in acting and I found Aaron Marcus’ private coaching session to be an invaluable resource!  He was a wealth of knowledge on so many important topics- creating the perfect resume, researching headshot photographers, understanding the ins/outs of agencies, etc.  Aaron has had amazing success in acting/modeling and he is a great teacher and mentor.  I highly recommend attending one of Aaron’s workshops or private coaching sessions.
Kelly Schwartz.  ●  VA

I enjoyed working with you today. Thanks so much for all the helpful information! I’m excited about all the great ideas we discussed and I’m looking forward to receiving your book. Thanks again!
Cherri Teutsch ● TX

Hi Aaron – Just wanted you to know how helpful it was to have that online coaching with you the other day! I had two photo shoots this weekend and I rocked them both! I felt completely comfortable acting out the scenes and the photographers loved me! It really makes a difference in the photos when you “act” rather than just “pose.” I know I will be taking another online session from you soon!
Chris Usher – AZ

“Aaron’s coaching sessions are great! If you are an actor/model, and want to learn from a very successful one who holds a LOT of knowledge in the biz… he is the one to see! I would recommend his session to anyone who is ready to remain proactive, professional, and successful.”
Nic Detorie – MD

I just want to send a thank you note for the Private Coaching we had yesterday. I learned so much about the acting and modeling industry. Most of all I want to thank you So Very Much for being so patient with me and my Slow Computer. I really appreciated it. I also really appreciated your generosity.  We went way past the two-hour session.

I want you to know that I started the homework assignment you gave me, and I went to Barnes and Nobles and started looking in magazines for great ideas for my next photo session. I am so excited about getting started on creating new photos. I look forward to showing you my progress. Thanks again.
Anjenette Johnson – PA


“It is with great gratitude that I write this letter of appreciation for your contribution to my Film Production and Direction class here at American University.

The opportunity for my students to watch and actively participate in constructing a performance in a scene was invaluable. You could see the excitement in their eyes. Especially valuable were your insights into how the director and actor communicate, your willingness to share experiences from the front lines of the acting profession and your ability to transfer your sincerity and enthusiasm for acting to my students.

The acting and scene directing workshop was certainly a runaway success. The feedback I received from students for days afterwards was extraordinary. It was quite obvious they had never experienced anything like it before in a classroom environment.

In light of the remarkable success of your visit, it is my sincere hope that you will accept future invitations to share your knowledge and skills with my students.”

Dave Porfiri • Assistant Professor • School of Communication •Visual Media Division •American University


Acting/Modeling Agencies, Schools, Pageant Directors

“A big thank you! Your three workshops to my teens and adults were absolutely superb. Your ability to tailor the material to fit each group was amazing. What I love the most was the fact that you encouraged questions and gave easy to understand answers, and shared the passion you have for what you do.

The information you provided concerning the steps necessary to be successful in the acting/modeling industry were presented in a very honest, sincere way, with no distortions of reality. It certainly provided a better insight as to the dedication needed to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

The discussion about comp cards, portfolios, auditions, go sees, head shots, call backs and the dealing with agents, provided invaluable insight, from an actors perspective.

Your teachings of the importance of setting the scene and the Five W’s was music to my ears, as we have stressed that over and over. Hearing that from you, made it much more meaningful.

Thank you again for such an incredible workshop.”

Laura Dagon, Laura Model &Talent Agency • Alaska

“After hearing so many wonderful things about Aaron Marcus’ workshop, I decided to have him work with my actors and commercial models. He was simply AMAZING!! My photographer told me that he never had students so well prepared before their sessions, and their photos turned out incredibly well. Without a doubt, this was because of Aaron’s seminar. His workshop is one of the best investments any school director can make. Aaron’s workshop will now be a regular part of my curriculum”

Nikki Pederson/ Nikki Pederson Talent • TX

“Aaron Marcus brought to the Image Group an aspect of the business that was previously missing. With so many commercial print models, his boot camp helped fill the void of supporting those models and gave each and every participant encouragement and insight. Aaron’s workshop received rave reviews.”
Mary Brown/The Image Group • Cedar Rapids

“Aaron Marcus’s book “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model” gives all the information needed for an individual to break into commercial modeling as a hobby or a career. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to pursue the modeling industry.”

Nina Grill/Charmaine School & Model Agency • Fort Wayne

“Aaron’ sincere and enthusiastic personality coupled with his vast knowledge of the commercial print industry- made his workshop a student favorite. His teaching style is upbeat, very informative and enhanced by excellent visual aids and his fine book. We look forward to having him back to Personal Best.”

Susan Makai/Personal Best • Buffalo

“I had Aaron Marcus give his commercial modeling seminar at my learning center and agency two times this year. My staff and students have found his information and presentation incredibly valuable. Most of my students are not able to pursue fashion modeling, however, through Aaron’s seminar, they have learned how they can succeed and work in the modeling field as a commercial model.

As a school director I work extremely hard at offering my students the best education available. By offering Aaron’s seminar, my students, their parents and my community sees just how much I care about their education, and it clearly separates my institution from the others in my city.

As an agency director, Aaron’s workshop helps me represent very knowledgeable and well trained actors and models, which makes my job a lot easier and much more lucrative.

I highly recommend Aaron Marcus’ How to Become a Successful Commercial Model Seminar to all schools and agencies.”

Vanessa Chambless/Owner/Director VIP Models •AK

“I read your book cover to cover and your information was totally on the money.”

Stacie Vanchieri – President of The Modelogic Agency • VA

“Aaron’s, Becoming a Successful Actor and Commercial Model workshop, was one of the best investments I made at my school/agency. He is able to offer in-depth, and current information about acting and modeling that can only be taught by someone with his vast experiences. His power point presentation is incredible, stories are funny and helpful and his positive insights to the business have my students and their parents leaving his workshop unbelievably knowledgeable, inspired and incredibly motivated. I strongly recommend Aaron Marcus to any institution wanting to have their actors and models succeed in this business.”

Laraine Colden/Main Line Models • PA

“Your seminar was most educational and inspirational. You bring a unique charm and poignancy to your presentation. Thank you for the wonderful resource your book is to the talent and modeling industry. I find it to be a clear, informative book with fully integrated illustrations.”

Suzanne Walker/Athens Modeling • Georgia

“I saw something this past weekend that stunned me. I saw Aaron Marcus offer his acting/commercial modeling seminar. The audience was riveted to Aaron’s every word.

Aaron is a gifted teacher who seems to have had every conceivable experience in acting/commercial modeling. The seminar provided the essential information, but Aaron’s approach and the stories he told and the demonstrations he created were adapted to his audience. The students were eager to ask questions, to participate in Aaron’s demonstrations; they were laughing and reacting to his stories.

I thought I would see a nuts-and-bolts how-to seminar on acting/commercial modeling. I saw that and more than I ever could have imagined.

The students all felt that they had received the information they had hoped for–and much more. They came away feeling more confident about how to pursue acting/commercial modeling careers; how to work closely with managers and agents and photographers; how to cope with disappointment–and success. But there was something else they gained, and it was very special. They came away feeling good about their profession and good about their courage and dedication in pursuing their dream. They came away seeing in their profession a foundation for living an honorable and admirable life.

By offering an Aaron Marcus seminar, your students will thank you and will benefit enormously from the experience.”

Mark Littmann, Ph.D. Professor, Hill Chair of Excellence in Science, Technology, and Medical Writing School of Journalism & Electronic Media • University of Tennessee

“I would have never believed how much one person could accomplish in an 6-hour seminar. Aaron was not only fabulous for my students, but he taught me and my staff a great deal about the industry.”

Shar Leigh/Executive Model Shop • Salt Lake City

“I had the pleasure of having Aaron Marcus give his commercial modeling seminar at my agency. What impressed me the most was how well he prepared my models and actors before their photo session. The homework and exercises he gave to my talent allowed them to walk into the photo session with a sense of confidence that helped them tremendously. The information was so valuable that I had my photographer take his workshop before the sessions. Aaron’s workshop is a wonderful investment for all agencies and schools.”

Doreen Crow, President/ Reflections Fashion and Talent Agency • TX

To Pageant Directors:

As the current Ms. Arkansas, I would like to let you know that Aaron Marcus’ How to Become a Successful Commercial Model Seminar would be a wonderful workshop for all of your pageant people. Twice this year I had Aaron give his workshop at my school, VIP Models, and it was a great experience for all for us.

Very few of us have the opportunity to be selected as the number 1 winner. One of the beautiful things about Aaron’s workshop is that he teaches people about commercial modeling, which does not have the height, weight or age restrictions that fashion does. There are many beautiful commercial models, and there are “real” looking people who are booked for jobs in newspaper, magazine ads, billboards and posters.

Having Aaron Marcus teach your people about commercial modeling would be a wonderful investment for your pageant and participants. Offering this type of information from someone with Aaron’s experience, would clearly separate your institution from all the others.

If you have any questions feel free to call me!!

Vanessa Chambless/Owner/Director VIP Models • AK

“Some of your information had been taught in our classes. None-the-less it was imperative that my models and talent hear an experienced, working talent reiterate and reinforce what my instructors and I are teaching. Every agency and school should be standing in line to bring you to their cities. It was well worth the time and money!”

Mary Corell/Corell Modeling and Talent • Des Moines


“About fifteen minutes into Aaron’s boot camp I thought to myself, ‘That tip alone pays for the class!’ Then, about every fifteen minutes, he’d give another practical tool or strategy that I’d jot down with the very same thought! This class was jam-packed with real-life advice, from the do’s and don’ts to the how/where/whens. I can’t imagine a better investment for anyone planning a successful career. He’s already saved me so much money — and time — and I’ll hit the ground running with realistic expectations.”

Mary Donovan • MD

“I attended your boot camp on June 26. I cannot tell you how much I learned from you that weekend. Your event was excellent and gave me the information I needed to take a four year college education in the arts and finally move it to the next level.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate you sharing the information that you have gathered through the years. Your knowledge and experiences will be valuable to anyone wanting to get started or move forward with a career in commercial acting/modeling.

Also, I want to mention how much I appreciate your newsletter …it’s a great motivator for anyone in this industry!

So, When I say I’m forever grateful to you …I absolutely mean it from the bottom of my heart!”

Liza Griffin • GA

“I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that I received your book on Saturday and I love the book!! It is chock full of accurate info and I especially love the comp card samples (especially yours Mr. Marcus). The book will really help me get my career off the ground.”

Priscilla Hargrow • TN

“I recently entered the world of commercial modeling, and was referred to Aaron’s “workshop” by Brenna McDonough who taught my on camera training class. I had already put together a comp card and in fact have had 2 print jobs. I started out in this endeavor “flying by the seat of my pants” . Even though I had a little experience behind me, I found Aaron’s class very helpful and he is wonderful to approach and get advice from. I wish I had started with his class before I had my photo’s taken for my initial composite card. I know now that I could have saved a lot of time and money. I am going to do another reprint in a few months and found his insight in how to put the pictures together to be invaluable. He has a lot of money saving advice which is great when you are first starting out. I also had some concerns about appropriate fees for modeling jobs and he has been terrific about giving information about this. I completed my second print job after Aaron’s class and was more comfortable on the job because I felt more prepared and understood what everyone’s role was. This class is a must for anyone who is interested in print modeling even if you have had some experience.”

Claire Myles • D.C.

“To call me skeptical when I found out that I would be spending 8 hours on a Saturday in a room with my daughter, listening to someone tell me about the modeling business would be putting my feelings at that point very mildly. What could possible take all that time?

Well, was I ever pleasantly surprised! In fact, I can’t believe how quickly the time went! The workshop that we received from Aaron Marcus was incredibly insightful and helpful.

Having been a model and actor for many years himself, Mr. Marcus was able to give us all sorts of insights and insider tips for how to be successful in the acting/modeling industry. He taught us the difference between an audition and a “go see”. He explained the differences between agents and managers, gave us tips for how to detect frauds, and how to interact with agents. He gave good tips for how to handle various problematic situations that could come up. He also told us what to ask photographers and how to prepare for photo shoots. He taught us that the best pictures are taken when the model is actually feeling the emotion that is required, and gave some tips for how to achieve that. He even gave us tips for how job contracts should be negotiated and what parts should be deleted before signing. All his tips were very practical and I’m sure will come in very handy some day!!

In addition to his most excellent and enlightening presentation, he also stayed to answer every question that the audience could come up with. His approach was incredibly helpful and sincere. After the presentation I went to his web site and also found it very enlightening. It even includes a list of many acting/modeling agencies located in every city in the country! I have already contacted one and have received a reply. After Mr. Marcus’ presentation, I now feel much more qualified to handle whatever may arise in the future with my daughter’s modeling career.”
Donna Hurlock, MD •VA

“I can only say positive things about your “workshop.” What I enjoyed, in particular, was your “nuts‑and‑bolts” approach to the business side of things. Your advice was not only practical but artistically relevant as well. Dante had Virgil guide him through the Inferno; the neophyte actor has you. Again, thank you kindly for your care, consideration, and expertise.”
Michael Leicht • MD

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the workshop. It was great to get “real world” information. I think people hear about the few who are “discovered” and think it is going to be easy. We appreciate all of your tips, advice, and comments on the realities of this industry.”
Donna Clay • PA

“I thought the Actors and Models workshop was quite informative. When attending a seminar of this nature, what’s key for me is that I come away with at least one key bit of information that will serve me well in the future. I am pleased to say that I was privileged to gain several key bits of information that will prove invaluable to me as I go forward. Many thanks.”
William Aiken • VA

“Aaron, thank you for the workshop today. I thought that the information you presented was very useful. I had not considered commercial work before the class, and I might now explore the opportunities.”
Ann Smith • MD

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop in Dayton, Ohio this past Saturday.

Not only was it informational and challenging, it was also FUN! I enjoyed every aspect of your seminar and am so glad that I took notes. I will definitely be putting your ideas to work immediately. I look forward to using your suggestions, and accomplishing some long time goals! It was truly a privilege meeting you. You are brilliant”!
Karen Westerbeck • OH

“Information Information Information -answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask! Despite having muscle spasms during the day you actually made me laugh! Thank you for the kick start into modeling/acting arena.

Armed with the info from the workshop, I made contact with a dept store in our area and who knew they had just lost their 5’11 model to NY? We are keeping our fingers crossed for Lauren and please accept our many thanks for your time taken during the workshop.”

Bridget and Lauren Crowell • FL

“Just wanted to keep in touch and let you know that your workshop in Atlanta was EXCEPTIONAL!!

I tend to measure success by the many lives one touches in a positive way that causes that individual to become a better person. You possess those skills, and you are very passionate about passing on your insights, and what you have learned over the years.

Naomi Cills • GA

“I wanted to write and thank you for yesterday’s Becoming a Successful Actor and Commercial Model workshop. I have to say that it was an incredible grounding experience to the industry. It’s not my first participation in your seminar and certainly won’t be the last. It’s true, many may believe that once you get the website and the book one doesn’t need Aaron Marcus…but one does! I need to be reminded that this industry has no guarantees, it can be unstable and no promises are made with the intent to be kept… it’s just not possible. And you do that in a kind, encouraging and respectable manner.

You ensure there are those out there that can take advantage of us, but you show us how to take the blinders off without focusing on those that do. I have found in my daughter’s experience discouragement, disappointment and misrepresentation, but each time I speak with you, listen to you, read your material and most importantly, look into your eyes and watch your body language as you share your information, I am more encouraged, determined and persistent in believing in the talent of my daughter. I am reminded through your seminars of why I started out to succeed in this endeavor. I did it for her.

The information you provide at these seminars is priceless and would recommend anyone starting out, starting over or just plain curious about this industry attend at least one. And if you have any desire to keep your momentum, you’ll keep coming, keep referring and keep up with the Marcus Institute as it grows into an industry of its own. Everyone is familiar with the saying it can take months to get an audition and seconds to lose one… well it can take months to gain momentum and seconds in this industry to lose it. Don’t do it.

I’ve learned many lessons from Aaron. “You can have success and be honest.” Accepting yourself as you are first is a major threshold in your walk to success… in every occupation, not just modeling and acting.

I want to encourage you whether it’s you or a loved one to get this book, read it, become a frequent surfer of and watch as Aaron grows… continue to educate all of us with his own experience. Learn about it truthfully…. Remove all doubt and skepticism about your endeavor and finally feel liberty to trust again. I did…. I learned to trust in my instincts, find good judgment in myself believe in my daughter’s talent clearly define why we want this road to travel on. When you know all of that, you’ll have choices and that’s what Aaron instills in you. It truly separates those that don’t and those that do….

After Aaron begins to speak, you can watch the shoulders relax, the hair come down and the truth sets everyone free. The attendees begin to feel comfort and sincerity… after that, there’s just a bond that unfolds. I really do respect all the people that came to Aaron’s workshop, but most importantly… Aaron, you don’t have to, but you do it anyway and from my heart I thank you….”

Jennifer and Lisa • GA

“I wanted to tell you that although I purchased your book years ago, I still use it and the more I learn the more relevant I see it is. It has saved me thousands of dollars and more importantly headaches and heartaches in pursuing an entertainment career. Much of your advice applies across the board. You have given me a foundation from which to work so that I know how to go about seeking, and preparing myself for jobs.

Your book and advice has made me more confident It is amazing what the power of information can do. You have inspired and encouraged me to always give my best.”

Marsha Davis • CA

“I can’t thank you enough for holding your Acting/Commercial Modeling workshop in Atlanta. The information I received is invaluable. I hope to use it to become successful in this industry and then, just like you, help others.

I have gone back and re-read your book. I know that I will be going back to it again and again in the future. Once again, thank you for all you have done.”

Angela Abbamonte • GA

“I just wanted to thank you for offering your workshop. I learned so much, and now can assist my daughter so much better after listening to you. You are a wonderful speaker, and a fun one, and you kept my attention the entire day.”

Lynn Grim • VA

“I found your workshop to be very informative. The camp provided real answers and facts about the acting and modeling business that I doubt I could find anywhere else. I’m sure that others found the camp to be meaningful as well. You should keep conducting it.”

Bianca Roberts • MD

“I just wanted to let you know how much Steve and I enjoyed your seminar. We found it to be very informative. The atmosphere was great, too. I noticed that people were not only friendly, but encouraging. It was a reflection of you and the atmosphere you created. Thank you for such a pleasant day.”

Theresa Banghart• VA

“Thanks, Aaron! I really was impressed with the professional quality of your workshop. It was great for me, a true beginner; but it was also informative and met the needs of the more experienced attendees. Everyone seemed to enjoy the whole experience. I know I sure did!

“What was the best part? That’s easy! You might think it was the information so freely shared, and that ranks right up there. But even more important to me was the enthusiasm the presenters had that encouraged all of us. Wow! Armed with the tools you provided and the spirit you instilled in all of us . . . . look out . . . . here we come . . . . Aaron’s Army of Success.”

Bruce Ayala • MD

“Aaron I really enjoyed your workshop. I think more than anything it helped me gain perspective in the lives of the agent and casting director. Mainly, that they’re simply trying to fill a required need, and that they want you to do well. Once I realized this, then it became clear that I should just let them do their job and not try to sell them in any way. I also learned that I can’t take things personally in this industry. You put yourself out there and when their need matches what you have then it comes together. In between auditions we just have to keep plugging away. Anyhow thanks again for such a great workshop.”

Jackie Clingerman •VA

“Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop my daughter and I attended recently. As a mother of an aspiring actress and model, the information you and your guess speakers gave was both informative and fresh. The atmosphere of conference was relaxed, and all the questions were received with thoughtfulness, and a true desire to help those in the audience. I would highly recommend this workshop to both people starting out in the business, as well as seasoned entertainers.”

Paige M. Roberts •MD

“I could not have gotten a better picture of the acting and modeling business without the informative workshop you had offered. I even told my family and friends about it and told them how much it can benefit the young and old before getting into the industry.”

Merwise Azimi • VA

“I found your workshop to be incredibly informative. I especially loved the Power Point presentation.”

Sara M. Alford •LA

“Aaron, thank you so much for offering your workshop. There was so much information we needed and have finally received. My daughter Chasity has been doing some modeling since she was 13, and your workshop helped answer our questions as to how to start moving to the next level. Again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Sarah Smilz • AL

“I wanted to say thank you so very much for the honesty about what to expect and what is expected and not trying to be “politically correct”. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. I love the side stories because they help to relate what you are explaining to us. It was a nice 6 hour ride from Fayetteville, NC to Atlanta, GA, to attend your workshop, but it was well worth it and I would do it again without hesitation. Thanks for all of your advice.

Cricket Ellis •NC

”Hilary and I both enjoyed your seminar a great deal and learned many valuable insights.
You have a natural talent for teaching everyone about the acting/modeling industry in an enjoyable manner. We felt it was extremely worthwhile and FUN! My daughter, Hilary, is excited to venture more into this incredible industry. Best of luck and thanks again for sharing all your important knowledge/experience with us.”

Lucinda Ethen •MN

“I greatly enjoyed the informative seminar you gave in Charleston. You gave an outstanding presentation about print work as well as many different examples of the modeling field.

Your book was very well written and it certainly would be very helpful to anyone trying to enter this field. It’s wonderful that you were able to relate to such a diverse group that were present that evening. Thanks again for such a delightful evening. It was a pleasure meeting you and good luck to you in the future.

Carole Rodgers • SC

“Aaron, your book is the “Holy Grail” of modeling advice. Without it I would certainly be at a great disadvantage.”

Eddie DeMars • MA

“The information you gave during your workshop was so helpful and very encouraging. You gave a realistic point of view with lots of the realities of the business”.

Rebecca Darling – Toronto • Canada

“I recently went to the Becoming A Successful Actor and Commercial Model workshop. I was truly glad to meet and learn from the industry professionals who Aaron had as guest speakers.

I highly suggest purchasing Aaron’s book, “How To Become A Successful Commercial Model” because it has vital material and instructions for both actors and models.

Virginia Pierce-Kelly • GA

“I’ve been acting for a while now, but I feel you can never stop learning. That is why I always enjoy going to workshops such as yours.

I’ve had the rare opportunity to take your workshops not just here in Baltimore but also your workshop in Ohio a few years ago. It is great that you use local casting directors, agents, head shot photographers, and other industry professionals specific for wherever your classes are, because each acting community is unique.

Your book formed a foundation that helped pave the way toward successful endeavors in acting and commercial print modeling. If your book helped me achieve my acting and modeling goals, I know it will help others too. Thanks again!”

Lora Bofill MD • D.C.

“Aaron Marcus tells it like it is. He paints an honest picture of what the commercial print industry is all about and what is required to succeed as a print model. He doesn’t hold anything back. He brings home that the greatest asset is your own unique qualities and characteristics and gives great advice on how to cash in on them.

Aaron provides excellent pointers on what you can do to improve your skills, what agents are looking for and what kind of training is useful. He really does give you the ‘How To’s’ such as: how to find a photographer, how to find agents, how to market yourself in a way that rings true for you. He doesn’t stop short in giving you the tricks of the trade in the audition process but he actually shares his knowledge on how to create a safety net while you are on a photo shoot as well.”

Michelle A. Reinhardt • IL

“This book was very detailed and specific. It will answer all the questions you need to know to break into the business. This book is a 1st step into pursuing a commercial modeling career. It’s like a scripture of teachings from A to Z. Thank you Aaron Marcus.”

Mwansa Sakala • MI

“Maybe people do not give you a lot of feedback, but I want to tell you that your book helped me in many areas. Reading about the checklist of items that must be brought to every set was incredible. It was also very encouraging. It is difficult to find straightforward advice in such a vague industry. Your book was such a good investment.”

Ali Leigh • Pittsburgh

“Not only that your seminar was very insightful, giving us a lot of practical-useable information, but also that you are a very personable knowledgeable man. I also appreciated your spending the time to review my daughter’s photos and giving her some more helpful hints along with encouraging her to continue. This industry needs more people like you.”

Sandy Woods, • Ontario, Canada

“How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is a valuable resource for models at all stages of their careers. It gives aspiring models valuable advice on breaking into the business and the realities of the job. It also gives working models fresh insight on how to grow professionally and expand their careers.

I want to say again how much I enjoyed the workshop. The knowledge I gained is invaluable. As we briefly discussed, Brittany is modeling with a local agency, however your workshop helped get some basic questions answered …..answers that I have been unable to get up to that point. I always felt rushed when dealing the agent/agent representative and I guess partly because I really did not understand the agent’s role. However, those days are now over….your workshop afforded me the opportunity to bring it all together… I now feel a lot more confident and better prepared to assist my daughter with achieving her dreams and goals.

It was such a joy meeting you…I can tell, you are such a genuine and kind person…please know if there is anything I can do here in Georgia to help you, just let me know.”

Felisha Denton • GA

“I wanted to thank you for all of the information in your book. It really helped when I was calling agencies and going to interviews. The info helped to calm my nerves a bit as well, because I wasn’t going into this business with a blindfold on! Thank you”!!!

Lisa Thibodeau •NV

“Just wanted to say that Aaron Marcus’ book, How to be a Successful Commercial Model is wonderful. His book is filled with humor, it’s easy to read, and gives many suggestions on getting started in the commercial industry.

My daughter is 5′ 3″ but really wanted to model. His book taught us that this could be possible by doing commercials and commercial print work.

We had the pleasure of hearing Aaron Marcus speak at an acting/modeling event. Afterwards, we were able to meet him in person. He took his time to answer all of our questions. My daughter and I were very impressed with him.

We are glad we read his book and would encourage everyone to read it. Because of the book, my daughter felt extremely prepared prior to meeting with agents. She was familiar with the terminology, and knew what questions to ask, and what answers she should get.”

Gail Thomsen • NY

“Aaron Marcus’ book, “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model” has pointed me in the right direction with my career. I just don’t have that “lost” feeling anymore. His book has given me the confidence to take the next step and his web site ( has answered so many questions for me. Thanks Aaron!”

Kelly Roth • MD

“Most people think that you have to have that Abercrombie & Fitch look to become a model. Not so. You don’t have to be tall, thin, and beautiful to see yourself in newspaper, catalogue, poster or billboard ads. Companies want “real” looking people as their commercial models. How to Become a Successful Commercial Model has all the information from Head Shots, Resumes, Composite Sheets to Make-up and finding a good agent.”

Richard Evans • Publisher of Actors News on Line

“Just a quick note to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed your commercial modeling seminar a couple of weeks ago in New Orleans. We feel fortunate to have been able to attend.

Although both of us were not up to par health wise, and worried about lasting through such a long seminar, you made it not only pleasant, but entertaining. Your information was well received by my ten year old. I was pleased to know that all of your business experience could be so well presented, yet condensed. Likewise, your book wasn’t overly flowery and made me a lot more comfortable about asking questions and knowing what to expect at the beginning of my daughter’s career. Thank you for your time and commitment. We enjoyed meeting you.”

Cindy Newman • LA

“Aaron Marcus’How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is an outstanding guide through each step of beginning a modeling career. Even if you have already worked in the market, this 25 plus year veteran of modeling and acting provides ideas and techniques that could give any career a boost. If you are looking for a practical, realistic approach of how to get from here to there in the world of modeling, Mr. Marcus’s book is a worthy investment.”

Joseph Jones • TN

“Aaron’s seminar was not only educational but also very entertaining. The information he offered from his years of experience and talent was invaluable. For anyone who is thinking of becoming an actor or commercial model, I would highly recommend Aaron Marcus’s workshop.”

Janet Bell • D.C.

“Aaron Marcus’s book is a great resource for anyone who has never done modeling or acting before. His book taught me how to have different types of looks in my portfolio, and then how to find agents. I thank Aaron Marcus for the good advice, his book and the great emails I have received after purchasing his book”

Michael Blaugher • IN

“How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is a great tool for those of us getting started and for the experienced model. It is the “model’s bible”. Your helpful tips and suggestions has prepared me for any situation that arises. I intend to keep it with my portfolio for a handy reference. Thank you again”

Sharon A. Lombardi • MD

“I refer to his book often and it keeps me on track in reaching my goal. I have been following his words of wisdom and common sense tactics. This book is a must for anyone interested in earning extra income by working as an actor or commercial model.”

Helen-Louise Azza • NY

“I just got started in the acting/modeling business and didn’t have a clue as to how to get started. Some friends told me about The Acting/Commercial Modeling Workshop, hosted by Aaron Marcus. I decided to take his workshop. I know that I got years worth of information in just one day. In addition, I cannot thank Aaron enough for his continued advice and support. I can’t wait to start reading Aaron’s book.”

Rick Mauser • PA

“I just wanted to let you know, I really enjoyed your workshop. You captured all the important topics that a person needs to know about commercial modeling. You kept my interest with your terrific level of energy and enthusiasm. You taught me that everyone has something unique to offer and do not take it personally if the job is not offered to you. Your workshop gave newcomers such as myself and veterans, the inspiration and know how to handle the ups and downs of this type of business and the tools we need that will enable us to succeed. Thanks again”!!!

Tracy Thornhill • MD

“Before taking your seminar I believed that modeling equaled fashion. Basically, a profession for the young and “perfect”. After the seminar I learned that the doctors, dads, boyfriends, moms, teens, and businessmen are in thousands of ads, portrayed, primarily by actors. The seminar showed me how relatively easy it was to pursue print work by following your simple plan of action … and I did. As an actor it’s been a great way to supplement my income. Seeing myself in ads is always fun. Just last month while riding the subway in New York, I sat underneath an ad I did for Tropicana. It was really incredible. Thanks for a great seminar.”

Alex Blaise • NY

“Have you ever tried to look online for modeling or acting agencies or wondered what in the world does a composite sheet consist of or what does a go-see, one plus one or point of purchase mean? And don’t even get me asking about the difference between an AEA, SAG or AFTRA. If you have wondered about these and other questions, I would strongly recommend you reading “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model” by Aaron Marcus.

This book is packed with a lot of knowledge. If you or someone you know are thinking about a career or part-time work in this industry, this is definitely the book you want to get. You would be amazed at the information that is shared and it is very easy to read and understand.

Most people spend countless hours trying to get information about agents, directors, managers and also spend hundreds of dollars trying to buy different books to “jump start” their career. The great news is all of that information can be found in this one inexpensive book!

Please don’t just take my word for it, buy it and try it for yourself!”

Shelley Flowers-Smith • IL

“Anyone who reads Aaron Marcus’ book “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model” and REALLY pays attention will succeed! I learned a great deal from the book, but the best advice is to “sell yourself”. I sent out my composite cards then called back after 10 days and got a response from one who immediately set me up for 3 castings. Of course I was not ‘wrinkled enough’ for the eye cream one but I succeeded in getting one for +55 skin care. Also, Aaron stressed the importance to have good thoughts when being photographed since the “eyes are the windows of the soul”. I never thought about that but saw the difference when I had my comp card made. Aaron Marcus really knows what he is talking about and his book is a great help for the serious model. Thanks, Aaron for all your help.”

Jean Marie • FL

“I wanted to let you know how much I and my daughter enjoyed your recent workshop. Your seminar, and book, did wonders to prepare myself and my daughter for our first photo shoot. Because we were well prepared, we enjoyed the shoot very much, and the pictures came out great! Much of her success should be credited to the wealth of information we received from you. I want to thank you and encourage you to keep up the good work so many more will benefit as we have!”

Kate O’Malley • MA

“This book is a must‑have for any and every aspiring commercial model. Aaron’s advice is great, and his thoughtfully‑prepared book really paints a clear picture of what it takes to get into the modeling business. The best part of the book is that Aaron provides you with his contact information‑‑because of this, I have exchanged numerous E-mails with Aaron directly. He is so helpful‑‑and free with his suggestions and advice‑‑that he gives you the confidence to give commercial modeling a try, if it’s in your heart of course.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is considering commercial modeling‑‑you’d be lost without it!”

Jennifer L. Langmead • MD

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much help your book has been to me while I embarked on a new career, acting and modeling. I bought it a year ago and read it cover to cover. I have continuously used the information as my guide to developing and refining all aspects of my marketing efforts, from P/R to personal contacts with agencies. It has been very valuable and directly responsible for providing me with a professional presentation from the very start.

I am happy to say that I have been working steadily in independent films and TV, as well as my first love, theatre. Thank you for putting out such a high quality product.” Larry France• VA

“With the help of Aaron Marcus and his book, I’ve already began taking my career to the next level! As a young person and a fresh face in the industry, this book has helped to eliminate the guess work in how to find and interview agents, create portfolios, finding jobs and much more! For anyone who has ever wondered about or wants to gain more information about the acting and modeling industry, especially commercial modeling, this book is a must have!”

Lauren Garczynski • MD

“I recently attended a seminar of Aaron Marcus’. The workshop was so informative.

I took notes, but decided that I needed Aaron’s book. Aaron is such a down to earth person. I loved that the first thing he started off with was about being a “nice” person. He truly is that “nice” person. His seminar was wonderful! I encourage everyone looking to start, or get better in this business to attend his seminar. He covers so many things that I hadn’t even thought of. Having his book gives me the step by step directions I need! Leaving his seminar made me feel like I could be a model! Thank you Aaron for all the great knowledge and I hope to see you in the Tampa area again soon!”

Mary Cutini • FL

“Aaron’s book, How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, should be required reading for anyone thinking of doing commercial modeling. We feel fortunate to have found Aaron. His book has taught us what to do and what not to do and should be the “Bible” for any aspiring actor and commercial model. Aaron’s accessibility to answer questions and give guidance shows what true professionalism and great character he possesses.”

Dan Roach • MN

I recently attended Aaron’s actor and commercial-model workshop. Needless to say, the information that he provides is invaluable.
Whether a novice or a seasoned professional, his experience in the entertainment industry will guide you to make the right decisions for your career, and avoid serious, yet common mistakes.
Aaron brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and passion – necessary factors in becoming successful in any profession – and he’s no exception to that statement. His generosity is apparent in his ability to share a breadth of information effectively; he is is clear and concise, and he answers any and all questions.
Dave Polgar – PA

Online Workshops

I had a great time at the webinar on Tuesday. I was glad that people were asking questions that I needed to hear. I learned more about the union. It feels good to be able to talk and listen to people who share the same interest. Thank you for the webinar I’m very appreciative of your hard work and effort.Sybil Robinson Florida This was my first webinar seminar and I am so impressed with how professional and smooth everything was. I really enjoyed the seminar

today and wanted to show my appreciation and thanks! Kimberly Bowie TN

The workshop is great with combo of slides, seeing Aaron talk, and organizationof the presentation and his extra tips and illustrations.Very clear and convenient to watch. Some is refresher info for the parent. Some explains why about things you knew but didn’t understand. Its helping me know better how to work with an agent Margaret already has. And some is new info and great for meto help my daughter. It’s all good. Looking forward to the interview with one of Aaron’s success stories as well.
Sincerely, Susan L. Hahn (parent) for Margaret Hudak (talent, age 14) VA

Hope you had a great weekend, I just got caught up on the online workshop and wow! I had several “ah-ha” moments during the session from your resources. Gave me some solid clarity and a push to take the next step. Thanks!
Cody Pottkotter – TX

The Find An Agent Now Workshop was very informative. One of the best aspects of the workshop was the information regarding the elements of the agent websites that should be included to determine the legitimacy of the agent, and where to find the information to submit photos. I felt more secure in researching agent websites with the information that you provided. Thank you very much! I appreciate your thoroughness!
Virginia Ellis – NJ

My parents and I listened to the Summit you did and I wanted to let you know what a fantastic experience it was for me. There was a lot of information that I had not heard before. One of your guests was Mark from Carolina Talent in NC. After hearing him, I contacted his agency and they asked me to come in for an audition. My parents and I traveled to NC, some 700 miles from home, to meet them and audition. They asked me to sign! I have not done any work yet but the opportunities are there. I know with what I have learned that I will be working soon! Thank you so much for all the information!
Houston Cottrell – MS


What I liked about your seminar was the fact that it was online and I didn’t have to travel! also, I liked the letter sample to the agents. It was also really awesome to learn how to work in other markets if you don’t live there! Great meeting and I can’t wait for the next!
Anna Tucker – AL