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Media Inquiries

aaron_marcus_headshotAaron Marcus is available for media interviews.

His unique, entertaining and friendly style makes him a great interview guest. Aaron has done over 70 interviews to date.

Aaron Marcus Can Teach Anyone

  • Make additional income by working as a commercial model on a part-time basis
  • How to avoid scams
  • Find legitimate agents/photographers
  • Learn the best and safest way to get started
  • Get work as an actor/commercial model – no matter where you live
  • Unlike the fashion industry, there are no height, weight, or age restrictions in the commercial modeling industry

Open any non-fashion magazine, and look at the models in the ads.

Who do you see?

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You will find that the majority of the models do not look like fashion models, but instead are beautiful and “real” looking people portraying moms, dads, patients, doctors, mechanics, infants, students, lawyers, bankers, and many other professions and roles in society.

Commercial models are seen on everything from packaging for hair coloring products to cell phone ads. Unlike the fashion industry, which has very strict physical demands, commercial modeling has no age, height, weight, or size restrictions; all types of people are needed. Also, commercial modeling work is available virtually everywhere, even in small cities. Throughout North America, commercial models earn between $25-$250 an hour.

Why Am I An Expert?

Well, I look like everybody’s next door neighbor, and over the past 27 years I have been cast in 1,201 projects so far.  You have seen me as Dr. Barnes on “Law & Order: CI”, Dr. Stephen Leopold on NBC’s Do No Harm, “The West Wing”, “The Wire”, the Priest in Philomena, the History Teacher in the feature Almanac and even as the rock grunge guitarist for Molson Beer.

Not only have I written what many consider the “Bible” for commercial modeling, “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model”, (now in its 5th edition)  I also publish the Tear Sheet acting/commercial modeling newsletter.

On weekends, I offer my live in-person workshops throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Australia and online workshops available live and recorded worldwide.

Here on my site, you can see my acting video reel, my commercial modeling jobs, my full acting resume, and hear my voice over and narration jobs.

Read more about me on my bio page

10 Sample Interview Questions for Aaron Marcus

  • What is the biggest mistake people make that prevents them from becoming a successful model?
  • What questions should you ask an agent to see if the agent is legitimate or running a scam?
  • Can a model or actor find work on his or her own, without an agent?
  • Is it possible to get commercial modeling work in small markets?
  • If a person is not very tall, or is between the ages of 30 – 50 or older, can he or she still work as a model?
  • How can someone find an agent in their area?
  • How can people get photographs taken at a reasonable price?
  • Is it possible to have a full-time job or be a student and still work as a model?
  • Are there any age, height or weight restrictions for modeling?
  • How much do commercial models earn?

Printable Photos

Click on a photo to download a high resolution version suitable for print. Find more photos of Aaron on his Commercial Modeling Photos page.



Contact Aaron Marcus for a media interview

Phone: 410-764-8270

Newspaper and Magazine Interviews

Arkansas Times Newspaper Arkansas
Baltimore Magazine Magazine Baltimore
Baltimore Sun Newspaper Baltimore
Buffalo News Newspaper Buffalo
Chicago Tribune Newspaper Illinois
Corpus Christi Caller Times Newspaper Corpus Christi
Jewish Times Magazine Baltimore
Mount Olive Herald Newspaper Illinois
New Era Newspaper Pennsylvania
N.W. Arkansas Times Newspaper Fayetteville
Northwest Times Newspaper Maryland
Owings Mills Times Newspaper Maryland
Reel Carolina – Film & Video Magazine North Carolina
Richmold Times – Dispatch Newspaper Virginia
Standard-Freeholder Newspaper Ontario
Syracuse New Times Newspaper New York
Tampa Tribune Newspaper Tampa
The Montgomery Advocate Magazine Maryland
The Towerlight (Towson University) Magazine Maryland
The Oklahoman Newspaper Oklahoma City
The o Washington, D.C.


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