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Why 'Building the Future' & How Does it Work?

When Aaron started off his acting and modeling career as a college student trying to earn some extra money to put himself through school, he was completely on his own. No one in his family had any connection to the entertainment industry and he didn't have any actor or model friends. Since this was before the internet took off, Aaron couldn't simply google 'how to become an actor and model". He borrowed as many books as he could from the library, but he wasn't sure what books were the best and had no one to ask follow up questions to. 

As Aaron progressed in his career, the questions he faced changed, going from 'what is a casting director' to 'what do I wear to an audition' to 'how can I deliver a more powerful audition performance'. Again, he wasn't sure where to turn. Eventually, he was able to piece together a network of trusted mentors, but it took time, spending money on things he didn't need, and a bit of luck.

Because of his experiences and Aaron's belief in the philosophy of paying it forward, Aaron created the Building the Future program, which is a mentorship program focused on developing actors and models. Each month, Aaron sets aside time to work with aspiring actors and models of all ages and levels of experience to help them accomplish their career goals and put them in the best position to book the job. To date, Aaron has worked with thousands of actors and models - and feels so lucky and grateful to be able to play a small role in helping others achieve their dreams.

Since becoming an actor or model is not cheap, Aaron's mentoring sessions are almost always done virtually. Setting up video conferences is a way to reduce the cost for aspiring actor and models while still providing face-to-face interactions. 

The best part about Aaron's Building the Future Program is that each session is customized to that person's needs. You won't be force-fit into a set of topics that don't fit your needs. Aaron will personalize your session and design it with you in mind. He will help you with whatever topics you want to learn. Below are some topics you could cover:

  • How to Deal With Nervousness: Learn how to deal with nervousness at auditions, go-see’s and on sets 
  • Managers and Agents: Learn the differences between agents, managers, art/ creative and casting directors 
  • Critique of your portfolio: Critique your commercial photos and offer suggestions for new shots 
  • Head Shot Critique: Critique your head shot and offer suggestions for new shots 
  • Commercial Photos Comp Card: Learn how to create powerful commercial photos/comp card 
  • Find Photographers ... for Free: Find photographers and even learn how to get test shots taken free 
  • Resume Review: Edit and or create your resume even with little or no experience
  • Find an Agent: How to find a great agent 
  • Auditioning Techniques: Special auditioning techniques to use for every TV, film. go-see or commercial auditions 
  • Market Yourself: How to market yourself and get work on your own – even without an agent 
  • Work on a script: Work on a script or monologue (if requested) 
  • Contracts and Release Forms: How to deal with contracts and model release form

By the end of your session, you will have a specific plan, strategies, and the information you need to save yourself years of guess work, while giving yourself the best chance to book acting and or modeling jobs on a part or full-time basis.

Building the Future Program Options

1 Hr. Super Stealth Session


A laser paced session that focuses on one or two major challenges and fixes them immediately. 

Who it's best for: Actors and models trying to resolve one or two specific hurdles and need a quick help session. 

2 Hr. Jumpstart the Engine Session


A detailed session that can either cover a broad range of topics or focus in-depth on a few specific ones. 

Who it's best for: Actors and models who are gettng started or need help getting the auditions, go-sees, representation and bookings they expect. Great for getting feedback on photos and building a solid resume. 

4 Hr. Get Ready to Dominate Session


Comprehensive session that covers the entire acting and modeling lifecycle: getting started to booking the job. 

Who it's best for: Actors and models who are just starting out and need a detailed game-plan and for those who want to take their existing career to the next level. 

Concierge On-Call 24/7


3 months of 1-on-1 mentorship, including monthly check-ins as well as any-time sessions as needs arise. 

Who it's best for: Actors and models who are seriously wanting to make things happen in their career by having someone by their side. This not only gives people the support they want, but also saves them a lot of money and years of trying to succeed by trial and error. 

Aaron's Guarantee to You

Aaron will never let money get in the way of people pursuing their dreams. So, each mentoring option has an easy payment plan that allows people to pay for the mentoring over a number of months.The payment plans allow aspiring actors and models to receive the support they need, when they need it, while providing the necessary financial flexibility.  

Got Questions?

Reach out to Aaron through any of his social media channels or via email (aaron@howtoactandmodel.com)

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