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What Type of Acting Class Should I Take?

August 28, 2013 0 Comments

From Cheryl, MO:

As an actor, how do I decide which classes to take to keep my acting skills sharp? There as so many choices. I take a class once a month through a local acting agency, and next month I am starting a class with a theatre group. Should I take an overall acting class, or get specific, such as scene study, audition skills, etc.? I have been acting for 5 years.

Hi Cheryl:

It is a tough decision to know what type of acting class one should take.

Here is one idea. Figure out what type of acting work you want to be doing. If you
want to work in theater, then take theater acting classes. If you are more interested
in TV commercial acting, then find a great teacher who can offer that type of class.

These will both be a very different type of acting than for film and television.
It is always best to find someone who has had a lot of experience in the area you want
to work in.

If possible, see if you can meet with the teacher before registering or ask if you can audit one class. This will allow you to make sure you are not only getting the right type of information that will benefit you, but also that the teacher is someone who teaches in a style that you can learn from.

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