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The Ultimate List of Websites for Actors

November 2, 2016 0 Comments

For both the beginner to the experienced actor, finding really helpful acting web sites can be difficult and time consuming.

Getting the chance to connect and learn from other industry professionals is essential to growth and success.

That is why on my web site, I share incredible information that will help actors learn more about the industry and get more work.

Here is the Ultimate list of Websites for actors.

Helpful acting information

Acting Biz: for acting tips and advice

DailyActor: interviews and resources

Acting.Meetup: find, meet and learn from other actors in your area

BroadwayWorld:  information about Broadway
WIFV: Women in Film/Video organization for networking, guest speakers-men/women

nolo: article – helping actors with taxes

howtoactandmodel: find agents and helpful Vlogs and blogs
stage32: connect with other industry professionals

creativeactors: networking for actors in L.A.

Advertising Agencies
Sending your headshots to art and creative directors at advertising agencies
is a great way to market yourself and get booked for TV commercials, radio spots
or commercial modeling ads.

These are a few links that will allow you to find many ad agencies near you.

AmericanAdAgencies: a network of advertising agencies

AAAA: American Association of Advertising Agencies


AgentAssociation: an association for talent agents

BackStage: Lists every major agent, manager, casting director & other info in N.Y./L.A.

Agents-UK: find agents in the UK

HowtoActandModel: find over 400 agents from every state in the U.S.

Athletic Actors

SportsStudioCasting: casts athletes for film, TV and commercial projects

GameChangingFilms: casts athletes for film, TV and commercial projects

Audio Books

ACX: place to get hired for reading/recording audio books


Auditions and Job’s Posted/or Sent to You on These Sites

AactionAudition: this site is for auditions in Canada
StudentFilms: get experience working on student films
facebook\NewYorkAuditions   auditions in N.Y.
MTV : auditions for MTV

Universal Studios Japan:  audition for Universal Studios in Japan

DisneyAuditions: Audition for Disney

Spotlight  audition and jobs in the UK
HamidehFirm: work visa information for foreign actors

Infolist: free list serve with auditions and jobs for mostly the NV and CA area
DragonukConnects: free list serve for the Mid Atlantic region

AustinActors: free list serve for the Austin, TX area


Acting Book Stores

DramaBookShop: New York book store
SamuelFrench: Los Angeles and London book store
ModelsMart: online book store


Business Card Printing Companies
Always Have Your Headshot, Contact Info and Links On You Business Card



Casting Directors

CastingSociety: This is an association for casting directors

Child Acting

Here are some helpful sites for parents of children in or wanting to be in the industry

ChildrenInFilm: helpful web site for parents of children wanting to work in the industry

BizParentz: site for parents of child actors               

BackStageChildrenTheater: listing of 12 great theaters for children in the U.S.

GovChildren: site for child labor laws

YoungPerformers: SAG-AFTRA site for guiding young performers
OnLocationEducation: on set education information for child actors


TheatricalCombat: teaches actors how to do combat for theater and film

HollywoodStunts: school for stunt work

YoungActors: classes for young actors (TX)

Film Schools
FilmSchoolsUS: listing of over 90 film schools in the U.S.

Improv Classes
Groundlings: Groundlings

UCB: Upstanding Citizens Brigade
SecondCity: Second City

ThePit: The Pit

Demo Reels for Actors

Luikeppa: creates acting reels
EditplusTV: edits video reels and copies scenes that aired on TV and film projects

Fraps: program to help you edit your acting reel


AccentHelp:  helps with accents

AmericanDialect: Dialect Society
UK –
Help with British Accents

Dialect Coaches


Film Festivals (over 100)

Raindance: listing of 100 essential film festivals

Film Commissions Around the World

AFCI: find projects happening near you – listing of film commissions world wide

Funding for Projects

Kickstarter: find investors for your project

Jobs for Actors (Alterative)

LawActors: role playing jobs for actors at law firms and law schools


Strategic-Operations: role playing jobs for actors helping with military training
RoleplayUK: role playing acting work in the UK


E-Roleplay: role playing jobs in Canada


PeersAndPlayers: role playing jobs worldwide


Standardized Patient Work
AspEducators: standardized patient work for actors in teaching hospitals

RWSAndAssociates: hires actors for jobs at theme parks

BigOrangeProductions: hires actors for promotional work nation wide

Makeup Site

PaintAndPowderStore: find make for actors and models


Managers (Find)

These are two associations for talent managers



Monologue Sites


Movie Trailers

AppleMovieTrailers:watch great actors in up-coming movie trailers


Practice script analysis and auditioning with scripts from these sites



Find Photographers

ASMP: American Society of Media Photographers
APA: American Photography Association
Reproductions: find headshot photographers

Head shot photographers in N.Y.

Head shot photographers in L.A.


Printers For Headshots



Products for Actors

RehearsalTheApp: practice learning your lines

EarPrompter: some actors use ear prompter when working at events/conventions

TheActorsPhotoLab: many products for actors are listed here


Resizing Your Photos/Films

ShrinkPictures: shrink your photos in order to upload it to a web site
WebResizer: also shows you how to make your photos smaller
Citrify: Online Photo Editor

Iskysoft: reduce the size of your video

HandBrake: resizing your video


How to Become a Successful Actor and Model: has a template for a resume

GoogleVoice: hide your personal phone number and use this free one

Sending Large Files

Here are three companies that allow actors to send large files

Teleprompter Practice Site

CuePrompter: practice using a teleprompter on your computer
EasyPrompter: practice using a teleprompter on your computer

Unions for Actors

SAG-AFTRA: Union for film/TV and voice over/radio talent

Equity: Union for stage actors
StuntMen: not a Union, but an association for stunt men

Voice Over Training/Demos/Jobs

TheArtofVoiceNY: training
AllStarVoices: voice over jobs
Voice123: jobs
VoiceCasting: training

Create Your Own Web Site

Having your own web site with photos, your resume and demo reels can be very helpful for showing your work to the world. Here are two sites that allow you to easily create your web site.

ACTR: create your own web site
AboutMe: build your site

Who Represents Actors

WhoRepresents: find the representative of specific actors


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