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What Type of Wardrobe Should You Wear to Your Go-See

January 20, 2017 3 Comments

A frequent question that actors and models ask me is what they should wear when attending a go-see. A go-see is the term used for the model’s audition.

Typically, the model will have two or three photos taken. It happens very quickly. Having the right wardrobe and looking the part is something I feel is important and can help increase your chances of getting cast for the job.

But, you have to be careful. You also don’t want to insult the photographer or client by over dressing. So, watch this video to learn more about what you should wear when attending your next go-see.

Share your experiences with others, by letting us know how you normally dress when attending a go-see. You can leave your comments on my page or at the bottom of this Vlog.

About the Author:

Aaron Marcus has been a full-time actor and commercial model for over 30 years.

His new book, How to Become a Successful Actor and Model is an Amazon Best Seller.

Aaron has given his seminar: “Book the Job” over 600 times spanning 3 continents.

He also offers online workshops.

Aaron saves 5 days each month to give private on-line coaching sessions.

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  1. Maria Arredondo says:

    Very informative and professional

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