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The Best Way For Actors to Deal With Nervousness (Video Blog) Aaron Marcus

September 24, 2013 12 Comments

About the Author:

Aaron Marcus has been a full-time actor and commercial model for over 30 years.

His new book, How to Become a Successful Actor and Model is an Amazon Best Seller.

Aaron has given his seminar: “Book the Job” over 600 times spanning 3 continents.

He also offers online workshops.

Aaron saves 5 days each month to give private on-line coaching sessions.

Comments (12)

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  1. Jack Goldman says:

    Enjoyed your video. Actually found your suggestions usefull and will try to employ them in my next audition.

  2. shaun nac says:

    thank u for awesome video and now i know how to handle it as was looking for ways to handle it and your video really really helped s will use it in next audition

  3. Aaron Marcus says:

    Your English is pretty good. At this time, you will be able to audition for the role of the foreigner.
    You could always try and find a speech therapist to help you with accents and dialects.

    Sounds like you are doing a lot of great things.

    Take care.

  4. Tim Roebuck says:

    Great video Aaron! This certainly applies in a variety of settings including putting others at ease when they engage with me. Good stuff my friend.

    Tim Roebuck
    Founder & Photographer, Reveal Photo

  5. Yes! Finally someone writes about how to become a model.

    • Aaron Marcus says:

      Many people don’t realize that modeling is just acting without words.
      I love getting commercial modeling jobs.

      Have you gotten any commercial modeling bookings?

    • Aaron Marcus says:

      You are very welcome. If you visit
      you will also be able to get 3 incredible videos 3.
      They will help you both with acting and with modeling.

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