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Tag: modeling jobs

True False: Are You Too Old to Model?

October 20, 2017 0 Comments

True False: Are You Too Old to Model? By Aaron Marcus For Backstage Have you ever looked at an ad and thought, “I’d love to get into commercial modeling, but I think I’m too old”? Well, think again! Unlike fashion modeling—which requires women be between 5’9-6’0 feet tall with 34/24/34 measurements, and men to be […]

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How to Nail Every Shot During a Photo Shoot

October 20, 2017 0 Comments

How to Nail Every Shot in a Commercial Shoot By Aaron Marcus Written for Backstage   I have always viewed working with a still photographer in commercial modeling photos as an acting job without words. The best commercial models (who are generally actors) not only have the skills to show believable expressions, but also have […]

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3 Ways of Doubling Your Chances of Booking a Modeling Job

March 23, 2017 0 Comments

3 Ways of Doubling Your Chances of Booking a Modeling Job Written for BackStage By Aaron Marcus   If you have never attended a modeling go-see, let me first give you some background information about what takes place at the model’s audition (go-see), before explaining how you can increase your chances of getting booked. A […]

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Acting & Modeling Quick Tip: You Need to Do This With Your Agent

February 22, 2017 0 Comments

There are times when actors and models need to do some uncomfortable things with their agent. This is especially true when it comes to auditions or go-sees. When you watch this vlog, you will see that this is an essential time to do this with your agent.  Actors and models always need to stand up […]

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Practice This Technique and Your Photos Will Get Noticed

January 20, 2017 0 Comments

Many actors and models have told me how it can be hard for them to show believable expressions and many layers of emotions during a modeling job or while attending a go-see. It is difficult for them because they are not saying any lines. I have had many actors and models tell me that they […]

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip – The #1 Question You Need to Ask at Every Go-See

December 23, 2016 0 Comments

When an actor or model is attending a go-see, there is one question that you absolutely need to ask if you really want to give yourself your best chance in booking the job. By not asking this question, you are making it really hard to be cast in the project. Share with others what strategies […]

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Didn’t Book the Job? Here is How to Deal With It

November 7, 2016 0 Comments

This is an article I wrote for BackStage. Have you ever gone to an audition or go-see for a job you really wanted? And, you find out that you did not book the job. It can be a tough thing to hear. I want to share with you some helpful and healthy ways to best […]

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip on How to Market Yourself and Get Bookings

August 15, 2016 0 Comments

Here is a great acting and modeling Quick Tip that will help you market yourself and get acting and modeling work. If you have any marketing suggestions for actors and models share them here.

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip – Not Working Can Be Great For Your Career

August 9, 2016 0 Comments

I can’t believe it has been almost 3 weeks since I last sent you an Acting and Modeling Quick Tip. I don’t think I have ever had that long of a stretch of not sending you updated info. However, there was a good reason for the delay. Getting the opportunity  to be completely out of […]

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip – How to Find Acting and Modeling Jobs

May 7, 2016 2 Comments

It is always best to have an agent submit you for a job and negotiate for you. But, even if you have an agent, you can be proactive and find work on your own. Here are a few list serves that you can sign up for. You might want to search and find some Yahoo […]

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip | This Could Change Your Career

December 11, 2015 3 Comments

This could change your career – literally.

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip With Aaron Marcus – Give Back

July 17, 2015 0 Comments

Learn about giving back.

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Quick Tip Series With Aaron Marcus – Don’t Get Caught Deducting This on Your Taxes

February 19, 2015 0 Comments

Don’t get caught deducting this item on your taxes.

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Is This Keeping You From Getting Acting and Modeling Jobs

May 29, 2014 0 Comments

The best way to improve as an actor or model is to identify an area of improvement and focus on building those skills.   Let’s use this phrase: I struggle doing ______________ as an Actor / Model. I will go first. I struggle doing auditions from home as an Actor / Model.  Now it’s your turn.  Share your […]

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Why Models Might Get a Letter From a Collection Agency (Video Blog)

October 25, 2013 2 Comments

Anyone who does modeling needs to be aware of a potential problem that could happen.
Let others know in the space below if you have ever experienced this.

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Pick and Choose Your Fights With Agents, Photographers and Other Industry Professionals

July 30, 2013 0 Comments

Let me know if you ever experienced having to make a decision about possibly battling with an industry professional

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You Don’t Have to Be Young, Tall, Thin or Beautiful to be a Successful Model

July 25, 2013 2 Comments

Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself in a magazine, catalog or newspaper ad, on a billboard or poster, but never acted on it because you thought you were too old, not tall enough, your body was not “perfect enough or not comfortable with the ad?” If so, I can help you make your dreams […]

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Bribing Your Agent

April 17, 2013 0 Comments
Bribing Your Agent

Actors and Models need to be careful how they choose to thank their agent after an audition, go-see or job.
Let us know if you have ever given your agent a gift. Leave a comment below.

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