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Tag: casting directors

You Should Do This at Every Audition

October 20, 2017 20 Comments

Here is something you need to do at every audition. When you first arrive at an audition you might be freaking out. That is pretty normal. Even for experienced actors. You need to use your acting skills and not let that be seen by the casting director or anyone else in the casting room. You […]

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Do You Need to Memorize Your Lines For an Audition

January 20, 2017 2 Comments

You just heard that you have an audition. That is great. Now you are wondering, do you need to memorize your lines for the audition, or can you use the sides while reading at the casting. Watch this video to learn about memorizing your lines. Share your experiences with others, by letting us know if […]

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip on How to Market Yourself and Get Bookings

August 15, 2016 0 Comments

Here is a great acting and modeling Quick Tip that will help you market yourself and get acting and modeling work. If you have any marketing suggestions for actors and models share them here.

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Should You Accept a Local Hire Contract?

July 17, 2016 6 Comments

If you are fortunate enough to be offered a local hire contract, should you accept it or turn it down? There are different ways to view this offer, but I will share what I have always done in my acting and modeling career. Advantage of Accepting a Local Hire Contract EvenĀ  if you spend money […]

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip This Might be Why You Did Not Book the Film or TV Audition

May 26, 2016 8 Comments

If you went to an audition for a feature film or a TV show and did not book the job, maybe this is the reason why. If you have an interesting story about why you did not book an audition, leave a note below.

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip – How to Find Acting and Modeling Jobs

May 7, 2016 2 Comments

It is always best to have an agent submit you for a job and negotiate for you. But, even if you have an agent, you can be proactive and find work on your own. Here are a few list serves that you can sign up for. You might want to search and find some Yahoo […]

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip | This Could Change Your Career

December 11, 2015 3 Comments

This could change your career – literally.

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip: Always Bring This With You to an Audition

December 1, 2015 2 Comments

Always bring this to your audition

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How Athletes Can Get Cast In Film, TV and Commercial Projects (Vlog)

May 21, 2014 0 Comments

If you are an athlete and want to learn how to get cast in a film, TV show or commercial then you want to visit

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What to Do When You Don’t Book the Job (VLOG)

March 5, 2014 2 Comments

Here are some things you need to think about and do when you don’t book the job you really want.

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You Must Ask This at Every Audition (Vlog)

February 28, 2014 9 Comments

You must ask this at every audition

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What Actors Need to Wear to Auditions (Video Blog)

October 16, 2013 0 Comments

It is so important that actors and models understand what they need to wear to an audition and or go-see.
You can learn more by watching this video.
Let others know what experiences you have had when dressing for auditions. Leave a comment below.

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Should Actors and Models Have More Than One Agent (Video Blog)

September 10, 2013 0 Comments

There are some advantages and disadvantages to having more than one agent. Quite often the decision to multi list with more than one agent will be dependent on a number of factors. What are your thoughts? Do you have more than one agent, or have you decided to only work with one? Share your thoughts below.

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Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Industry Contacts Closer!!

May 1, 2013 0 Comments
Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Industry Contacts Closer!!

It is important to learn how to stay in touch with your contacts.
Let others know how you stay in touch. Leave a comment below.

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Be Dissapointed, Not Discouraged (Video Blog)

April 15, 2013 0 Comments
Be Dissapointed, Not Discouraged (Video Blog)

It is OK to feel bad about not booking a job,
but don’t get discouraged.

If you ever experienced this, leave a comment below.

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Can You Have Too Many Agents?

March 29, 2013 0 Comments
Can You Have Too Many Agents?

Is it possible and advisable to work with more than one agent?

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