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Tag: audition for TV

You Should Do This at Every Audition

October 20, 2017 20 Comments

Here is something you need to do at every audition. When you first arrive at an audition you might be freaking out. That is pretty normal. Even for experienced actors. You need to use your acting skills and not let that be seen by the casting director or anyone else in the casting room. You […]

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Didn’t Book the TV/Film Job? Maybe This is Why

April 25, 2017 0 Comments

You get excited because you are contacted about auditioning for a TV show or feature film. And, you should be excited. It is hard to get auditions. Actually, getting the audition is winning. And now you are thinking about how you can book the job. You should be excited about getting the film or TV […]

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip With Aaron Marcus – Auditioning Part 1

June 18, 2015 0 Comments

Tips for auditioning – Part 1

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Acting and Modeling Quick Tip Series: Is it OK to Make This Mistake During an Audition

November 26, 2014 5 Comments

It is OK to make this mistake during an audition. Let me and others know if you made auditions that were acceptable during an audition at the bottom of this page.

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