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3 Ways of Doubling Your Chances of Booking a Modeling Job

March 23, 2017 0 Comments

3 Ways of Doubling Your Chances of Booking a Modeling Job

Written for BackStage

By Aaron Marcus


If you have never attended a modeling go-see, let me first give you some background information about what takes place at the model’s audition (go-see), before explaining how you can increase your chances of getting booked.

A go-see, is the term used for model auditions. Honestly, I think it is a bit silly to call it a go-see. It is an audition. Perhaps people think that commercial models are not very bright so we have to be reminded that a go-see means we: go to a photographer’s studio or a casting office, and we are seen! It’s an audition.

How Should You Dress For the Go-See?

Like with acting auditions, there are two philosophies about how to best dress for your go-see. There is no one right answer. For auditions, some actors don’t even think about their wardrobe. They don’t want to look desperate by “dressing the part.” They believe that people can see them as the character simply by their read. Others believe it is helpful to wear appropriate wardrobe to allow the industry professionals and client see you as the character. This is your call.

Since there is no dialogue at a go-see , industry professionals can only decide if you are right for the job by looking at you. I don’t want people to have to imagine if I look right for the part. That is why I dress the part, without going overboard. If you are attending a go-see as a doctor, you don’t need a stethoscope, tongue depressor in your pocket or paper booties on your shoes. Just wear something that will allow people to see you as a doctor. You can learn more about dressing for a go-see by watching:

When first arriving, we typically fill out some paper work. People need to know our contact information, our agent’s information, sizes and sometimes a listing of any ads we have done for competitors over the past few years.

There is also a sign in sheet so people know who is next in line to have their photo taken. Unlike Union auditions, there typically is not a specific appointment time.

I would suggest not signing in until you are 100 percent ready to have your photo taken.

You might want to look around the room to see if there is a layout. This is a general idea (like a storyboard) of how the ad will look. If it is available, study it and try to make yourself look like the person in the layout.

When you meet the casting director or photographer, ask if they want a head shot or comp card. Today, they generally don’t need one, but always ask. It could be helpful to you if they have your photos in their hands. It will allow them to learn more about you, and perhaps there are some shots that will represent you better than the few shots taken at the go-see.

Asking the Right Question

Here is the crucial question that few commercial models ask. It can make the difference between booking the job and not getting cast. Before the photo is taken, always ask the photographer, “What are you looking for?” You might be told that they want to see someone happy. That does not tell us anything. If this is a go-see for a pharmaceutical company and you are the doctor and need to look happy, then it is essential that you know why. Did you save someone’s life or perhaps now you can offer a new medication that will greatly help a patient. Those are very different types of happiness, so you need to learn which emotion to create.

Sometimes we can get very specific information about what emotions are needed which is great. And, sometimes we receive little to no information and have to make our own decision. Like with any audition, it is imperative that we make a specific character choice, even if it is not the correct one. Don’t ever try and play it safe by giving a generic look in order to avoid giving the “wrong” look.  That way of auditioning never works well for models or actors. Giving a specific look based on the information you receive from the photographer or casting director will give you a tremendous advantage while attending a go-see.

There is a specific technique that I developed and always use when working with photographers. This technique will help you use your acting skills in order to create believable and interesting photos that will make your pictures stand out. You can see this technique at

These are a few tips that should always be used at a go-see, that will give you your best chance of getting booked for a commercial modeling job.

About the Author:

Aaron Marcus has been a full-time actor and commercial model for over 30 years.

His new book, How to Become a Successful Actor and Model is an Amazon Best Seller.

Aaron has given his seminar: “Book the Job” over 600 times spanning 3 continents.

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