Headshot Tips: What Size Should You Make Your Professional Actor Headshots?

Professional actor headshots are supposed to be printed at a standard size. Your headshot needs to be the correct size. Don’t make this mistake and ruin your chances with agents and casting directors.

Sometimes people have asked me, “Is there a specific size that a headshot needs to be?”

Let me tell you, there are very few absolutes in this industry; however, a headshot absolutely has to be 8×10. That is the standard size for every headshot that you’re going to see in the industry. The other thing to keep in mind is that your resume, which is attached to the back of your headshot, needs to be trimmed down to 8×10, as well.

I’d like to show you more of what it takes to create amazing headshots – so I’ve created an online workshop, “Headshot Secrets”. You’ll learn EXACTLY how to prepare for a headshot photo session, hire the right photographer, and give amazing looks to the camera. You will also be learning from Joe Henson, a New York based headshot photographer who has shot over 16,000 head shots.

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