I Want To learn the secrets to creating commercial photos



Here Are Just a Few of the Things You Will Learn in This Special Video

  • How does commercial modeling differ than fashion modeling
  • What are the requirements for commercial models
  • What are the special ingredients needed in every commercial photo
  • How to easily get amazing ideas for your next test shot
  • Techniques to use  guaranteeing you look incredible in your photos
  • How to get test photos taken free
  • How to best prepare before your photo session

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"I would highly recommend Aaron Marcus' acting and modeling workshops and private mentoring sessions to any model or actor who is just starting or has been working in the industry for years.  His experiences, knowledge and amazing teaching methods will help everyone succeed further on their path to success.  I have been in the industry for 6 years now
and after going through Aaron's Mentoring Program, I booked jobs for the Air Force, Carmax, FDIC, Rite Aid, America's Most Wanted, Investigation Discovery, Dupont, My Alarm Center and many more. "

Nick Detorie

Actor and Model

"I had a Private Mentoring Session with Aaron Marcus, and it was incredibly helpful. Even though I had done some acting and modeling in the past, Aaron taught me so many things that I simply did not know. I made changes to my head shot, commercial photos and resume. Not long after our session I booked an out-of-town modeling job.
If you are really interested in getting acting and modeling jobs, I highly recommend you sign up for Aaron’s Mentoring Program."
                                                                                                                                     Lauren Cox


Lauren Cox


"The best investment I ever made was attending your seminar and buying your book....I took all that knowledge and ran with it...I wouldn't be where I am today without it. Thanks to Aaron's information, I just signed with an agency and booked jobs for Starly Night Bakery, Mirage Flooring and the independent film 'Company Men'. 
You’re the best Aaron" - Eddie DeMars 

Eddie DeMars

Actor and Commercial Model

Bonus Materials

            What You Will Receive After You Order

  • Access to the Customer Hub site that allows you to watch the workshop 24/7 
  • A copy of the Power Point used during the workshop so you can go over everything discussed 
  • A sample "emotional sheet" to help you prepare before your photo session

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"I look forward to personally guiding and giving you the information you need to have success as an actor and or commercial model"


Aaron Marcus